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Happy Holidays!!!!! - From Caitlyn O'Leary

t’s a Holiday Hop!
Join over 30
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On top of those fabulous gifts, every author will be drawing winners on their own sites for various swags, ebooks, and gifts.


There is a secret code embedded in this Holiday Hop. Each author has one word of it, and readers must visit each site to collect all of the words and enter them on this form.


Word #7: FOR

There are 32 Authors, and 32 Words, so be sure you capture all of them. Individual prizes on each site will be given away per terms of the author hosting them.

Here’s the link to the Author list:


 On top of the grand prizes for the hop, I’m giving away prizes of my own this week!

Every reader who comments on this blog post will be entered!
Prize #1: All four of the Fate Harbor E-Books
Prize #2: A Signed Copy of Trusting Chance
Prize #3: Caitlyn O'Leary Swag

I have four Siren Books out on Amazon.  Hopefully you know me from the first four books I have any of these covers look familiar?????

I have just submitted my fifth book to Siren.....It is called Cherishing Brianna.

Brianna has lived the last eight years of her life alone, and that’s how she intends to spend the rest of it.  Before moving to California permanently, she stops off to visit her foster family, the only true people she has ever loved and valued.  During her months long stay in the little town of Fate Harbor Washington, Brianna meets Sheriff Charlie Meade and the town vet, Zac Carmichael.  Both men are loving, caring and think the world of her.  Brianna is horrified to realize how badly she has deceived them.

Brianna knows she has to quickly leave town.  Despite the adamant entreaties of her family, she is determined go before things unravel even more and she becomes a burden to the people she loves the most.  Can Zac, Charlie and the family make one last ditch effort to make Brianna realize how much they want to care for her no matter what the future might hold?

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Spotlighting Andrew Jericho and His Book Sex, Love and Rock 'n' Roll

Thank you, Caitlyn, for having me as a guest on your blog today, and for being a part of the Sex, Love, and Rock ‘n’ Roll (Rock Stars 2) Blog Tour. 

Sex, Love, and Rock ‘n’ Roll, is the second book in the Rock Stars series, inspired by the glam bands of the 80’s and 90’s—the big hair, make-up, drama, and sexuality.  The lifestyle of the Rock Hard band members reflects that time period.  I would further describe the book by saying, “nothing but jealous hearts when the insanity hits.”  Romantic.  Passionate.  Erotic. All three words in that order, as the men in the story blend romance with passionate eroticism.  My writing is not for the faint of heart, as my readers know what to expect.

Both titles in the series are MMMMM erotic romances.  There are five men, and five committed hearts.  Not only do I depict their relationship dynamics, but I have explored the sexuality each of them share individually, as couples, and finally as a ménage à cinq. Also, I’ve woven a book series where the activities of a rock ‘n’ roll band cross over into a more intimate portrayal of the men behind the music. 

I hope all of my readers enjoy the Rock Stars series as much as I have enjoyed writing it.  

[PolyAmour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Multiple Partner Romance, M/M/M/M/M, intersex hero, cross-dressing, sex toys, HFN]
Sex, love, and rock ‘n’ roll are all Adam believes is holding the band Rock Hard together. In the week’s following their last concert, Adam, Deuce, L.T., and Jamie have not held a practice, and their new album is unfinished. The jealousies and secrets that almost tore them apart have changed to new conflicts. In a fit of rage, Jamie tells Adam that the five of them are nothing but “jealous hearts,” when the insanity hits.
Zane, the band’s physician, is now living at the Rock Hard mansion full time.  He believes that the four men, who have captured his heart, need the love of a real man to keep them grounded.  As each man turns to Zane for comfort, Adam realizes they all need time to heal.  In what Zane calls a “tremendous act of love and devotion,” Adam gives a heartfelt message to Rock Hard’s fans in the hopes they can begin a new chapter in their lives.
Note: This book contains drug use.
A Siren Erotic Romance

Excerpts:  (Please use both story and adult versions.)
Adam felt a combination of emotions, all fighting their way for recognition. Sitting down on his bed, he reached for some loose pieces of sheet music on the nightstand. He looked at the finished product of Zane’s song, “A Forever Love.” Jamie was right, what had started as his heart speaking in lyrics to his new husband, should now be a testament to all of their jealousies. Picking up his pen nearby, Adam angrily scratched out the title, replacing it with “Jealous Hearts.” When that didn’t appease him, Adam ripped the pieces of paper in one smooth motion, tearing them in two. As the torn music fell at his feet, the front man thought for a brief moment that his actions were symbolic of the drama and chaos still present in his household.
He decided there would not be a song titled, “A Forever Love.” Nor would he ever write another power ballad for just one man. He made that mistake himself. Closing his eyes, Adam sank backward onto the bed. His thoughts returned to the last night of their tour, six weeks ago, at the arena in Little Rock. I’m dedicating this next song to Zane. The guys and I are in the process of working on a new album. There will be another power ballad titled, “A Forever Love.” The song was written in love…written for the man I’m holding in my arms.
As those words circled though his mind, Adam knew one of his mistakes was singling out Zane that night. He also felt that somewhere in the marriages he shared with each man, his greatest flaw was not being the support they needed. That not only washed sadness over him, but anger. Rock Hard’s fans didn’t know the half of it. He was not about to let their private life become a media sensation. Even Deuce’s detox had been hidden from prying eyes. The worst thing to hit the tabloids was that Zane had forged nonprofessional relationships with the band members.
“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.”
Adam heard Deuce’s voice behind him. Sitting up, he hadn’t realized his husband had walked into their bedroom.
“Deuce, you should be with L.T. He doesn’t need to be alone, especially after what I told him,” Adam said, with his back turned to his husband.
“I’ll check on him in a few minutes. Right now, we need to talk.”
“There’s nothing to talk about, Deuce. I was supposed to be the strength of this family. I saw the disappointment and pain in all of your eyes while we stood together in the kitchen.”
“Maybe Zane should counsel us all…as a family.”
“Honestly, Deuce, at this point?”
Adam watched as Deuce took a seat next to him on the bed. His lover twined their fingers together.
“I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you about the pills and L.T.”
“Baby, you already told me that.”
“The first time I couldn’t get a hard-on was with Zane, about a week after the detox. The next was the first time Jamie let me touch him a few days later. We were kissing and nothing was happening. Luckily, Jamie stopped the affection. I don’t how I would have explained it to him.”
“It happens, Deuce. There’s nothing to be ashamed about. I’m not mad about the pills. I’m upset because something so intimate should have been shared with me. If you were having that type of problem you should have felt like you could talk to me. I don’t want you to feel pressure about having to be intimate with me, or any of us for that matter.”
“Zane thinks it’s a temporary reaction to the stress of the detox. I have four husbands I love with all my heart. I want to restore what we all shared. I felt like I couldn’t do that unless I could also be intimate with each of you. I know there’s more to this than just sex, but—”
“A lot more,” Adam stopped Deuce’s words, placing a finger over his partner’s lips.
For a moment neither man spoke, as Adam looked deeply into Deuce’s eyes. Everything he needed to see was present in his lover’s stare. He silently wondered why the five of them couldn’t make it work.
“I also should have told you about L.T, but I didn’t want to hurt you anymore. I wanted to try and bear that burden for as long as I could, in the hopes I could help him. He’s really messed up, Adam.”
“I know,” Adam felt tears forming in his eyes. Instead, he closed his lids tightly, stifling the display of emotion.
“Are you sure you’re all right with what Zane wants?” Deuce asked.
Adam felt his partner’s fingers lightly caressing his forearm.
“Are you?” Adam countered.
“I don’t know. I mean, I think I am,” Deuce replied, sighing. “Sometimes, I feel like the five us are running like confused mice in some type of experiment. We’re caught in a maze, but can’t get out. We take a few steps one way, and then we find ourselves back at where we started.”
“I know I’ve always taken the lead in making decisions for this family.”
“I know that, golden boy.”
“There’s a part of me that wants to try Zane’s suggestion, but I don’t want it to change what we share. Despite our problems, I feel closer to you now than I ever have, Deuce. I love you so very much.”
Watching as Deuce walked to the door and locked the doorknob, Adam knew what they had started in Zane’s bed earlier that afternoon was going to be finished. Zane’s suggestion of a ménage would have to wait, because right now, he felt his lover’s arms pulling him close.

“Zane!” Jamie moaned.
“That’s right, James. While I get you opened up, Adam is going to straddle my face and put his cock in my mouth. Adam, do you want me to suck your dick?”
Adam had begun to rub his own cock as he watched the erotic play forming before his eyes. He felt Deuce swat him on the ass, as he positioned himself over Zane’s upper chest. While he rested both his knees on the bed, his dick went flush with Zane’s face. Then Adam’s head went back in pleasure as he felt the warm heat of Zane’s mouth sucking his entire length.
“Zane, finger-fuck me good!” Jamie moaned.
Zane’s other hand was now rubbing Adam’s sac, as the front man felt the doctor’s fingers tenderly caressing each of his nuts.
“Don’t stop,” Adam whimpered, as Zane pulled back for just a second.
“Sweetheart, I have got to tell our other two husbands what to do. They want this commitment, too.”
“Mmm…Zane!” Jamie cried.
“I still make the decisions for us in this house, Zane Foster,” Adam spoke breathless.
“That you do, Adam, but right now I’m in control.”
“Oh holy shit, Zane, that feels good!”
Zane’s fingers were continuously rubbing his groin, as his sac swelled, tight against his body.
“Adam, look at our two husbands over there,” Zane whispered.
Adam turned his head to see Deuce lying between L.T.’s legs on the king-sized bed. The couple was French kissing, as their tongues danced wildly in each other’s mouths.
“Sweetheart, James is almost ready for me to penetrate him, and then we’re going to get Deuce and L.T. to join us.”
Adam closed his eyes, as he felt his heart beating hard inside his chest. His skin tingled, as he listened to the sounds filling the room. His own whimpers were mixing with Jamie’s cries of pleasure, as he heard the groans of the couple lying beside him.
“James, slowly slide down my dick,” Zane said. “Surrender to me.”
Adam tried to look over his shoulder because he wanted to see Jamie’s expression.
“Look at me, Adam. James will make enough noise to arouse all of us.”
When Adam turned his face back to Zane, he saw the arousal in the doctor’s eyes.
“L.T. and Deuce, stop making out over there, and become a part of this commitment,” Zane whispered. “Adam, there’s enough room for your Dom to straddle me, too, and put his dick inside you, don’t you think?”
Adam saw Zane toss the lube to L.T., and within a matter of seconds, he felt the drummer’s breath warm on his neck. He let his head fall back against his husband, as L.T. began to kiss their secret spot on his shoulder.
“Whimper all you want, sub,” L.T. whispered in his ear. “Zane is going to have your cock buried so deep within his mouth, while I get you ready to take me. No one knows about our spot except us. I’m sure other secrets will be shared between lovers tonight, too.”
“Are you aroused, hot rocker boy?” Zane asked Deuce.
“Don’t make me wait anymore, Daddy,” Deuce replied.
Adam turned his head again to see Deuce rubbing his cock, while the entire shaft glistened with pre-cum.
“Dammit, I need to be made love to!” Jamie moaned.
“We will…all of us to each other,” Zane responded. “Damn. Damn. Damn. I cannot believe how aroused I am right now! Adam is right, you are one tight little bitch, James.”
“You said that about me, Adam?” Jamie asked, breathless.
“He did not have to, James. I have heard him making love to you. Next, you are to allow Deuce to touch you.”
“I don’t know—”
“James,” Zane interrupted, “let your husband touch you. I have more than just a ménage planned. Adam is reconnecting to L.T. So, you need to show Deuce what is in your heart, because I see it written all over your face every time you see him.”
“Adam?” Jamie asked.
“Little bitch, do what the doctor asks, he’s only trying to help us.”
Adam saw Deuce moving behind them, as he imagined the tenderness in his hands for Jamie. He could almost feel Deuce’s touch, even though the guitarist’s hands were nowhere on his body. Instead, two of L.T.’s fingers were inside Adam, pumping him gently.
“Zane, there’s a black bag in my nightstand,” L.T. said. “Can you reach it?”
“Adam is blushing, Lemmuel,” Zane said.
“He always flushes when he’s aroused. He’s got this conversation we have, too. I listen while his heart submits to me in high-pitched whimpers.”
“Adam,” Jamie said seductively, “does moan like a bitch.”
“Shut up, bitch!” Adam spoke playfully.
“Candy cane,” L.T. said, “hush and concentrate on Zane’s cock up your ass, and Deuce’s hands on your body.”
“David, you are the man of my dreams, now let James know he is the man of yours,” Zane said.
Adam felt Zane’s lips back around his dick, as he heard the hum of L.T’s prostate massager. He gasped, when he felt the device being inserted inside his anal cavity.
“I love you, sub,” L.T whispered. “Zane’s making you feel good, too. The moaning you hear is Jamie giving his heart to Deuce again. God, that sounds so good!”
“Sweet boy, I love you,” Deuce crooned to Jamie.
“Tell us what Deuce is doing to you, James?” Zane asked.
 “His hands are all over my body…including my cock,” Jamie replied.
“We have figured out the physical part of loving as a ménage à cinq, I want us to experience the emotional part of this commitment,” Zane spoke again.
Not only was Zane still rubbing Adam’s sack, but L.T. was checking the smooth area of flesh between his sac and entry. His husband always rubbed his fingers over the skin before penetrating him.
“Sub, you’re more than ready to take me,” L.T. whispered into Adam’s ear.

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Spotlighting Kelsie Belle and Her Book: The White Witch’s Legacy 1: Raven

Kelsie Belle has agreed to visit me here on my blog! 
She and I also have the greatest idea for a raffle!
Here's how you enter to win the raffle,
you have to read through her blurb and 2 excerpts.
At the end, you will be asked 2 questions.
You will then make comments on the blog.
If you answer correctly, you will be entered to win!
(Yes, I say Yay and Yippee a lot in my world.)

When Xander Kane meets a delectable exotic dancer in a bar, he is instantly drawn to her striking beauty. He knows he has to have her, but when he finally convinces her to let him take her home, she disappears without a trace after they share an electrifying night together. He never thought he would see her again, but when fate takes her right back to his doorstep he is intent on making her pay for running out on him like she did. But Raven is not what she seems, and the secrets she hides, coupled with his own dark skeletons, threatens to destroy any hope that Xander harbored for them. Raven embarks on a perilous journey to protect her mother’s legacy and finds herself fighting for her life at every turn.

When she meets Xander Kane, he is everything she wants in a man and everything she cannot afford to let herself have right now. Will they be able to overcome the obstacles that confront them at every turn and find their way to love?


“Myra, hurry up, girl. I need you up here before the nightfall,” she said, and Myra sighed again. It was already getting dark outside so, with slumped shoulders, she made her way up the flight of rickety stairs, fully expecting a dinner of liver and onions with boiled potatoes to be waiting on her upstairs along with a game of cards.
          The scene that met her as she pushed the door open and entered the apartment, however, made her freeze in the doorway, her jaw hitting the wooden floor in shock. Hazel had pushed away all the furniture to leave a wide space in the center or the living area.
           She had used chalk to draw an enormous star in the middle of the floor, on each point of which there was a lit candle, the flame flickering in the slight breeze that entered through the half-opened window. There were bottles of oils and essence placed on the ground beside the peculiar drawing on the floor, and a black book lay inside it.
            The salt-and-pepper-haired woman was busy walking around the shape and sprinkling some sort of liquid methodically onto the floor. When she noticed Myra standing dumbfounded in the doorway, she quickly put down the container she was holding and beckoned for the girl to join her where she stood.                       “Come girl, we don’t have time to waste! The time has come for you to meet your destiny.”
             “Aunt Hazel, what is all this?” Myra asked when her wits returned to her. She took several tentative steps forward, wondering if the old woman had finally lost it after all. “I thought we were going to watch The Sound of Music again and then play cards.”
               “It is your time, dear girl. Today is the day. This is what I have been preparing you for, for all these years. Come! Take your place now, it will soon begin.”
               “Take my place? Where exactly is my place, aunt?” she queried cautiously, her feet still firmly rooted to the spot where she had stopped.
              “You are the eldest, Myra, the first. It is you who must bear the Mark first. It will begin with you.” As much as Hazel’s words confused the heck out of her, Myra didn’t bother to question her any further. She knew her aunt would only keep speaking in riddles so the sooner she did as she was told, the better it would be for her. Hesitantly, she walked over to where the old woman stood, and upon her instructions, she stepped over the outline of the star and went to stand in its center.
                Immediately, there was a whiplash of lightning, followed by a horrific roar of thunder, causing Myra to jump in fright. Where the hell had that come from? It had been a bright, clear day, no sign of rainclouds anywhere. Suddenly, all coherent thought fled her mind as a searing pain gripped the back of her neck. It felt as if someone was carving her skin with an extremely sharp object, or branding her with a hot pole. A tortured cry tore from her lips and she fell to her knees, her arms flying to the point of the pain as if she could make it stop by wiping it away.
               “Yes, it has begun,” Hazel’s voice noted solemnly. She hobbled closer to where Myra knelt, clutching the back of her neck. “Let go, Myra. Accept your mark. Accept your true powers.”
              Then the wind began howling outside, rushing in through the open window with the strength of a mid-summer Castallantran hurricane, so powerful that it whipped Myra’s hair about her face and roared loudly in her ears. In the midst of all this, the candles didn’t only remain lit, but they seemed to be burning even brighter still.
                Staring at them in shock, Myra suddenly noticed that inside each flame, there was the face of a different woman staring back at her. She gasped and made to jump to her feet, but Hazel’s hand on her shoulder restrained her.
              “Do not fear, my child, no harm will come to you,” the woman reassured her, and reluctantly Myra remained kneeling as the faces in the candles’ flames began to chant together. The words were in a language Myra had never heard before. There was no way for her to understand what they meant, but somehow, she could tell exactly what they were saying.
               One of three, witches that be, we grant you this day, the power to see. Strength, wisdom, and courage be yours, to find the spell caster and the other that cures. Then, just as suddenly as it started, the howling wind stopped. The pain at the base of Myra’s neck subsided just as the flames from the candles went out simultaneously, bringing an end to the mysterious chanting, and the apartment was once again as quiet as it always was. Myra jumped to her feet, head reeling with consternation as she turned to face Hazel.                 The old woman just smiled and nodded before bending to retrieve the black book from the floor. When she straightened again, she handed it to Myra and then pulled her in for a tight hug. “Welcome to the sisterhood, Myra,” she whispered affectionately.
               “I know this is overwhelming, but I tried to prepare you the best way I could.” Myra pulled away to look suspiciously at her eccentric aunt, her eyes darting down to the book in her hand, then back to Hazel’s face. “Aunt Hazel,” she began, her voice quivering slightly.
                “What just happened?”
                 “You finally joined the family, my dear,” her aunt replied, smiling gleefully. “You now possess one third of the powers of the Great White Witch of Castallantra.”
                  Myra promptly fainted.

                  “Don’t come.” Xander’s voice was like a battering ram slamming into her head, interrupting the intoxicating sexual high she had been experiencing.
                  “No!” she screamed when his lips left her sex, his head moving from between her legs. He chuckled softly, gently easing her legs off his shoulders and rising to his feet.
                 “I say when, beautiful, never forget that. You come when I tell you to, only when I tell you to.”                       She had to bite her tongue to quell the annoyance that welled in her stomach at his words. Who the fuck did he think he was? She wanted to tell him to go fuck himself. She wanted to knee him in the groin and get the hell out of there. But when he took her hand and pulled her off the sofa, she couldn’t find the will to even resist for a moment. She was desperate for him, desperate for the pleasure she knew he could give her.
                  Moisture seeped between her thighs when she noticed the lustful animal ferocity in his sea-blue eyes and her anticipation returned with full force. Oh God, maybe she was a whore after all! He spun her around so that the fronts of her thighs were touching the arm of the sofa. He ran his hand over her shoulders and down her arms, reaching around to cup her breasts, as he used his body to push her forward. She was now fully bent over the sofa arm, ass held high, head lying on the soft cushions. She whimpered when one of his hands trailed a heated path along her spine to finally splay at her waist and hold her in place. His other hand delved between her thighs, easing the thong fully to the side as he sank two long, thick fingers into her body with exquisite gentleness.
                 “So eager, so fucking wet,” he whispered as he withdrew his fingers to fondle her clit before sinking them into her heat again. Myra couldn’t stop herself from gyrating on his hand. Her pussy clenched and gushed reflexively, loving the feel of his fingers inside her sex, wanting even more still.
                 “Please…please, I-I’m so...God, don’t make me beg.” Hot tears stung the back of her eyes when she heard the desperate, pathetic words that had just been uttered from her lips. How did he do this to her? How did he reduce her to nothing more than want and need without even trying?
                  “You don’t need to beg, beautiful, at least not tonight. Tonight I’ll freely give you what you desire, all that you desire.” He pulled back then, leaving her momentarily to quickly sheath himself with a condom. Then he was plunging into her, his powerful cock forcing its way into her tight channel, stretching her almost painful.
                   A loud gasp escaped Myra when she felt him sinking into her. God, she’d forgotten how big he was. Jesus, he was so damn huge! She gripped the sofa for support as he filled her to capacity, inch by glorious inch.
                 “Christ, you feel good. So fucking good around my cock,” he rasped, his voice shaking with unleashed lust. He pulled back, sliding his cock completely out of her. She glanced over her shoulder wildly, afraid he would stop. Did he plan to just leave her hungry and desperate like this, to punish her? God, she wouldn’t survive it.
                  “Don’t go! Xander, please, I—” “Shhh,” he said, and she watched as he held his magnificent cock in one hand and slowly rubbed it against her moist slit, teasing her until she was wiggling against him, pressing back to try and force him to enter her again. Then suddenly, he was at her entrance again, his thick member sliding into her like it was made to be there. She cried out as he began to fuck her steadily, pulling back and pushing in, finding a delicious rhythm that made her pussy clench and flutter.
                  “Yes…Jesus, yes!” she cried, curling her fingers into the cushion. Xander grabbed her hips and continued to fuck her at an almost leisurely pace, pumping into her with slow, torturous thrusts. Myra worked her hips, pushing back on him to try and get him deeper into her body.
                 “That’s it, beautiful, fuck me back.”

 About Kelsie Belle 

Kelsie Belle wears many hats – wife, mother and teacher are just a few but the erotic romance writer hat is by far her favorite. Kelsie is wildly gregarious by nature. She considers herself ‘forever 21’ and enjoys reading contemporary romance, Science fiction and fantasy, listening to music and dancing like there’s no tomorrow. A caffeine addict that lives life from one coffee mug to the next, she’s always on the go, ready and waiting for the next adventure. She has been a storyteller for as long as she can remember, her characters live inside her overactive mind and a thousand stories come to life in her head every day. This novel is the first in her three book paranormal series The White Witch’s Legacy. It promises to be an exciting trip into her wild imagination and she hopes her readers will enjoy the experience of taking a ride outside the ordinary with her.

 Contact Kelsie here: 
Twitter: @mskelsiebelle

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Introducing "Claiming Kara"


[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, spanking, HEA]
Five years ago, Kara Johansen met and fell in love with brothers Ben and Quinn Shotbrook while on vacation with her fire fighter brothers in Sitka, Alaska.  They planned to marry, when tragedy struck the Shotbrook family, leaving the brothers to care for their mother and younger brothers again.  They sent Kara back home to Fate Harbor, Washington, promising that one day they would reunite.
Years later, Kara has made the decision that she wants to marry and start a family of her own.  She has put away her dreams of ever being with Ben and Quinn and instead focuses on men who are available to her here and now.  Her meddling brothers inform Ben and Quinn of her plans.  The brothers Shotbrook rush to Fate Harbor to do whatever it takes to reclaim the woman they never stopped loving.  Has too much changed between them to save their love?

Both Kara and Ben ate their biscuits in silence, looking at one another, enjoying the buildup of realizing that their relationship would be taking a big step further that day. Neither of them noticed when the door to the restaurant opened and that many of the conversations stopped. It wasn’t until a shadow loomed over their table that they both looked up. Kara was stunned to see an almost replica image of Ben standing over her. This man was a little older, with short hair and a harsh expression on his face—an expression she had never seen on Ben’s face.
“So, it’s true,” the older man bit out. “You haven’t been getting our fucking taxes done. You’ve been traipsing around town with this bit of fluff, while we’ve been out busting our asses.” Kara snatched another biscuit and buttered it as she watched Ben, knowing he’d been up all night completing the taxes so he could spend the day with her. Older brothers were such a pain in the ass, she thought as she enjoyed the honey butter. She wondered how Ben was going to play this out. But then she was stunned as Ben’s face contorted into an equally hard look.
Ben stood up, and she realized that despite the fact that the man standing over her appeared huge, Ben was actually taller by a small margin. The other man, who must be Quinn, was actually much more muscular and wide. Right now though, they looked well matched in their rage.
“Brother, this is Kara, not to ever be referred to as ‘a bit of fluff’ again. Are we clear?” Ben said in a low tone that had the hair on the back of her neck tingling. The biscuit turned to sawdust in her mouth. She grabbed her orange juice to wash it down.
“I don’t care what her name is, if we miss the deadline because—” Ben yanked his brother’s arm and jerked him away from the table. They both marched out the restaurant door and disappeared around the side of the building.
Kara knew what this meant. She had seen it play out far too fucking often in her house between Dane and Eric, and Eric and Leif, not to know that one or both of them was going to end up bloody, for no good reason. She’d be damned if she was going to be the cause of this. She threw down the rest of her biscuit and pushed back her chair as Florence came to take their orders.
“I wouldn’t get in the middle of that, Kara,” Florence advised.
“I’ve got three dumbass brothers of my own. This is nothing new,” Kara explained.
“Well, between those two hotheads, this is nothing new either. I already told their aunt they’re out back. She’ll be out there pretty soon to throw some water on them,” Florence said with a wink.
“Ah, but I have plans for one of them, and I don’t need him out of commission.” Kara winked back and headed out the door. She liked the sound her heels made on the cement as she rounded the corner toward the two big men who currently were taking swings at one another. So far not much damage had been done, but based on this mutual power display, it wouldn’t be long before they were both really bloody and hurting.
She put her fingers to her lips and gave a shrill whistle that would have dogs barking for miles. The men immediately parted and looked at her, stunned. She took the opportunity to walk over to Quinn with an outstretched hand.
“Hello, Quinn, it’s very nice to meet you. My name is Kara Johansen.” Totally taken aback, she watched with amusement as he obviously fell back on his mother’s training and shook her hand.
“It’s very nice to meet you,” he said politely.
“I don’t know if Ben got a chance to tell you, what with the fighting and all, but he finished the taxes last night. Or it might have been early this morning.” She walked over to Ben, and linked her arm through his. “Isn’t that right, Ben?” she asked, smiling up at him.
Ben wasn’t taken aback, he was grinning down at her. He bent down and gave her a leisurely kiss in front of his brother, and then pulled back. “It was this morning,” he answered. Then he turned to his brother. “See, not a piece of fluff at all.” He turned back to Kara and smiled. “That whistle is kind of hot!”
“It has its uses.”
Kara watched, fascinated, as Quinn threw his head back and laughed. “You’re right, little brother. Not a piece of fluff at all.”


“No, she needs to listen to me. You both do.” Quinn’s voice was implacable. He pushed Kara’s thighs up so that her knees were almost on either side of her breasts. “Hold her,” he commanded his brother. Ben reached down and grasped her legs behind the knees, keeping her open for Quinn’s perusal. She gasped as she looked down, seeing the top of her sex splayed wide with Quinn so big and imposing leaning over her, looking directly into her eyes. “You will listen to me, little one.  I refuse to hurt you.” He set the condom to the side and swiped his fingers through her wet sex, pulsing with need even more than when Ben’s cock was deep in her mouth. Then she felt him enter her, and it was much more than before. Where before he had used maybe two of his sizeable fingers to stroke inside her, he now had to be using three, and she arched up in welcome. Then he pulled them out, taking more of her silky essence with him. Then he pushed more fingers in again, and she winced at the burn.
“It hurts, doesn’t it, Kara?” He demanded an answer. All she could do was nod her head yes.
Finally she gasped out, “It hurts good, Quinn.” She saw his relieved smile. He continued to pump in and out, until finally she was pushing upward to meet the rhythm of his entry, glorying in the sense of fullness, in the connection with this man. She saw his amber eyes glitter as they watched her intently, assessing her body’s reaction. He took his fingers out to suck them in his mouth, and she shuddered, watching him relish her flavor as his face flushed.
They’d been right to blindfold her. She was now experiencing every sense, and it was amazing. She watched as he picked up the condom, and ripped it open with his intensely white teeth. As he sheathed his cock, she tried to reach forward to touch him, but Ben’s grip kept her in place.
“Next time, Kara,” Ben soothed. “We want to make you feel good. Let Quinn do this.” She watched and felt as the broad head of his cock, so much more than his fingers, snuggled at her needy entrance.
“Oh, my God, can you see this, Ben?” Quinn looked up with a stunned expression, including his brother in this most intimate moment. Ben bent forward over her head, getting a better view. She gave a huff of dissatisfaction that she couldn’t see what they were seeing.
“She’s incredible, brother,” Ben said in a strained voice. Then Kara felt the liquid push just trying to breach the tight muscle of her opening, and she couldn’t help but flinch at the discomfort. Quinn looked deep into her eyes. He felt the resistance of her body, and knew that his girth had to be causing some pain.
“Help her, Ben,” Quinn instructed, while he held still. Ben kept hold of her left leg but gently lowered her right leg, and then his fingers were hovering over her engorged clit, and just one touch had her gasping in reaction. As if he understood that anything more than a featherlike touch would be too much for her swollen bud, he softly caressed her, causing sparks to emanate from that one spot to her entrance, relaxing her and allowing Quinn to slide deeper, until the head was buried inside her, filling her. It was wonderful. She felt the heat and power of the man, and she thrust up, needing him deeper. Again, he looked carefully into her eyes, gauging her ability to accept more. When he determined that with Ben’s ministrations, and her own longing, he could continue, he sank further, until she felt him nestle against her womb.
“Yes, Quinn,” she wailed. “Nothing has ever felt this good.” Ben took his fingers away and she grabbed his wrist, trying to hold him, but he easily moved his fingers to his mouth and sucked them clean, savoring her essence and wetting the digits even further. Then he put them back to where she so desperately needed them and pressed and circled even harder, and that’s when Quinn started a slow pull out, followed by a faster thrust in, once again tapping softly against the mouth of her womb, causing her to spasm in delight. He continued, faster and faster.
“Harder and faster, both of you, harder and faster.” She was thrashing her head. She felt the slight flicker of childhood firework sparklers, and they were building to firecrackers popping off as she whimpered with excitement.  Then she felt a roman candle going off, and finally she screamed as the deafening grand finale came and the night sky exploded into showers of color.

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Spotlighting The Lovely Tina, The Woman Who Operates Redz World


Hi Caitlyn thank you for letting me blog with you!

For everybody who doesn't know me, my name is Tina, and I run Redz World, it is a place for both blogging and reviews we are located at   I wanted to run a place with a positive vibe, and honest, fair, positive reviewing.  We have been up close to a year and I love every minute of the experience.

What draws you to initially purchase a book? 
For me, it is the blurb. If you have grabbed my attention there I will get the book and see what it is about, even if you’re a name I have never heard of before.

What would make you recommend it to a friend?
I would recommend a book that I couldn’t stop thinking about. One I wanted to re read over and over again.  A book like that is like gold.

Is there a favorite book or series you’re hooked on?
Christine Feehan I love her Carpathians.  I cannot get enough of the world she creates.  On the ebook front so hard to choose just one so many I love.  There are some authors I buy just because I know I will love the book no matter what. Cardeno C is one of my absolute favorite authors, Joey W. Hill is another….soo many I would need a blog just to cover them all.  Gabrielle Evans, Jana Downs,  Kali Argent… see so many!!

What book do you re-read the most? 
This one would be A Little bit of Rough by Laura Baumbach. Truly amazing characters.

When did you start reading romances? 
Ahh… now this takes me back to my teens and all the Hariquin romances I used to read. I wanted to marry a Greek man so badly when I was teen because of them lol…  Then when I was about 16 I graduated to the Desire books ahhh those were my steamy reads. I also worked a library so I got boxes of them from there… they kept me very  supplied with reading material.

As a reviewer, do you ever have authors get mad at you?
Umm.. hate to say this but yah. It is part of the territory.  As much as the author hates to hear anything bad about their book me as a reviewer hates to give that mark.  I have a huge love of reading. That is why I do what I do.  I have emailed authors to tell them how to improve something rather than just give a low mark.  Then again you can give a five star review, and have an author openly bash your review. Yes this happened to me. Was not fun. So I just have this attitude, I give books the mark I feel they deserve after I have read it. It’s only my opinion.  Five other people can read the same book and love it.  I am not the be all end all.

What made you decide to start your own blog?
I wanted a positive author friendly place to do what I love to do. I believe it should be about helping authors, reading what you love, and just having fun.  Why I became a reviewer to begin with I love it. I want my site to be a place that is honest and positive all at the same time.

How many hours a week do you dedicate to your blog?
I usually spend a couple of hours a day at it.  There is always something to do, or promote.  But I consider it my fun time.

Caitlyn, Thank you SO MUCH for having me on your blog today. I LOVED answering your questions. 

Folks, you HAVE to check out I have found some fantastic books to read.  - Caitlyn 

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