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Spotlighting Mardi Maxwell and Her Book, "Their Temporary Sub"

YaY YaY Yay, You Made It, I Knew You Would!!!

          So you just couldn't wait to learn more about the woman Mardi Maxwell who brings you those wonderful and naughty books from the Club Mystique, well beforeyou do, let me tell you a couple of things.  ....but in case you came to enter the raffle for the first time....or the second time...let me tell you about it.

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Here's the Rule:  You are going to have to read through the adult excerpt of Their Temporary Sub. You will have to leave 2 comments on the blog.  The question will be embedded in the Rafflecopter thingy that you click.  When you comment, you will have to answer those 2 questions, which if you have read the blurb and two excerpts, you will know the answer.  You will be entered to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card.  :), two of Diane Leyne's books and two of mine.  It's a sweet prize, that will require rule following, reading and thought.  If you have ANY problems, entering the raffle, please PM Caitlyn O'Leary on Facebook.

Now let me get to the really good part and introduce Mardi Maxwell.  When I asked her what it was like to be an author, this is what she had to say.  
Well, it’s a glamorous life if you like wearing your pj’s all day and spending hours alone in front of a computer. Or, if you’re addicted to the taste of coffee that you made two hours ago and is now cold and not in a good way. Or, how about this? I was so busy writing Luc and Logan’s book that I didn’t want to stop and go to the store. All I had in the house was half a package of grated cheese and some salsa? So, I poured the cheese on a plate then melted it in the microwave, dumped the salsa on top of it and ate it. Not bad, really.

Thank goodness my family and best friend love me and understand when they call and I say

I’m busy. Or, all those times we’re having a family get together and I wander off into the corner with a notepad and pen. Writing is not a nine to five job and even when I’m working in my garden or swimming with my sisters I’m plotting in my head or working out that pesky bit of dialogue that’s giving me problems.  Would I give up writing? Never. Even if I never published a book I would still write them for myself.

Here's How you can contact Mardi:  

Here's A Little Something About the 3 Books She Currently Has Published and Where you Can Buy Them.  OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH THEY ARE GOOD!!!

TO LOVE AND OBEY (The Doms of Club Mystique)  [Hot Texas cowboy Green Beret, spanking, lots of really great sex, and did I mention some kink? No, yup, BDSM]
Addison Matthews has wanted Cade Ramsey almost all her life. What she doesn’t know is he’s wanted her just as much. Wanting turned into need, for both of them, when she acted like a brat and he gave her a spanking. Cade’s a Dom with a vanilla plan who’s determined to have the perfect marriage. Addison’s a meddler who really wants another spanking. Let the scheming begin.

JACKSON’S SUB (The Doms of Club Mystique 2)  [hot cowboy Marine sniper, sexy stubborn lady, spanking, lots of really hot sex and a little BDSM, okay, a lot BDSM]
      Jenna Parnelle spent one night of passionate submission with Jackson Ramsey before he broke her heart by sending her away. He loved her but was afraid his fierce possessiveness would destroy their relationship. Too bad he didn’t explain that to her because Jenna thinks he was just slumming with the chubby girl from the poor side of town. Now, Jackson wants her back but she’ll only agree to spend three weeks as his sub while she tries to work him out of her system. Jackson is determined to use the time to become a permanent part of her heart.  

THEIR TEMPORARY SUB (The Doms of Club Mystique 3) [Two hot Texas cowboy Marines, sneaky lady with a lot of tricks up her sleeves, twice as much hot sex, and some devious BDSM)
Catching Cassie Edwards was the easy part for twin Doms, Luc and Logan Ramsey her. Keeping her will be the hard part. Cassie was trained by her Marine father to take care of herself. That’s a good thing because the men hunting her want her dead. When Luc and Logan find out she’s in danger they decide to become her full-service bodyguards and they move her into their home. Can one lush lady handle all the attention coming her way?

ZANE’S CHOICE comes out in August / September 2014. 
Check out my website at

Logan sorted through the weapons in the tote then read the labels on the two pill bottles he found and held them up. “Sleep medication and something for anxiety,” he said as he opened Cassie’s wallet and rifled through it then held up a card. “The doctor who prescribed the medication.”
“You take her. I’ll make the call,” Luc said.
“No. You suck at talking to people.” Logan pulled his cell phone from his wet jean pocket, frowned at it when he realized it was out of commission, then left the room.
Luc tightened his arms around Cassie and rocked her, all the while wondering how he had ended up with her, in tears and on his lap. He didn’t do this kind of thing and he was completely out of his element. Wishing Logan would hurry up and return, he nuzzled his chin against the top of her head. “It’s okay, pet. Logan will take care of you.”
He didn’t know if she heard him or not, but the crying seemed to be easing off. A few minutes later, after a couple sniffles and a few hiccups, he felt her body softening until she lay quietly in his arms, asleep. Feeling her shiver, he carefully laid her down and removed her damp clothes. Her feet had several small cuts and scrapes on them and he made a note to clean them and have the doctor check them out. Picking her up, he carried her to his room and gently laid her on his bed. He changed into dry clothes then decided Cassie would be scared if she woke up naked. He dressed her in one of his T-shirts, then smiled when he saw how it covered her to her knees. Standing by the bed, looking down at her, he thought, what the hell, and slid onto the bed and pulled her into his arms. He justified his actions to himself by deciding Logan would expect him to take care of her while he was busy calling her therapist.
A few minutes later Logan walked into the room, followed by Doc Roberts.
“How’s she doing?” Logan asked.
“Sleeping.” Luc stood up. “Wore herself out crying.”
Doc Roberts moved to the side of the bed. After checking Cassie’s pulse and heart rate, he used a small flashlight to examine her eyes then stepped back, rubbed his chin, and said, “Tell me again what the therapist said.”
“I told her what had happened, and all she said was she couldn’t discuss Cassie with me but that she needed to see her as soon as possible.”
“I’ll call her,” Doc Roberts said. “From what you’ve told me, it sounds like something you did triggered a panic attack. It’s best to let her sleep for a while.”
“Her feet have some cuts and scrapes on them,” Luc said.
Doc looked at Cassie’s feet while Logan got a tub of water and several washcloths and a towel. After Doc cleaned the shallow cuts and put ointment on them. “They’ll be okay.” He walked toward the door to the hallway. “I’ll be right back. I’m going to call Cassie’s therapist.”
Logan moved to the side of the bed, sat down, and held Cassie’s hand. “What the hell happened?”
Luc shook out the cashmere throw that he kept at the end of his bed and covered Cassie with it before sitting down on her other side. He picked up Cassie’s hand and ran his fingers over her wrist. “Limits. No restraints. I was holding her wrists.”
“I put the towel over her head to dry her hair.” Logan frowned. “She only plays in a club. Clubs have monitors. She feels safer there.”
“No. She doesn’t play there either.”
“She played with Thompson.”
Luc handed Logan his waterproof phone. “Call him.”
After a short conversation, Logan handed the phone back to Luc. “Thompson said as soon as he put a cuff on her she freaked out on him. He calmed her down then talked to her about getting some counseling with a friend of his.”
“Doctor Carson,” Luc said, saying the name on the pill bottles and business card.
“Yes.” Before Logan could say what was on his mind, Doc Roberts came back in the room.
“I can’t disclose what Cassie told Doctor Carson other than that Cassie hasn’t made any progress in her therapy sessions.”
Luc glanced at Logan. A quick series of facial movements flew between them and then with a final nod they came to an agreement.
“One other thing I found interesting, though,” Doc Roberts said. “Doctor Carson said two weeks ago someone broke into her office. She said she never would have known about the break-in but her assistant had been in a hurry the previous day and had stuck several files in the front of a drawer intending to file them the next day. When the assistant opened the file cabinet to get them they had been moved to another drawer—the one where Cassie’s file is kept and her file was with them.”
“They want to know what she’s told the doctor,” Logan said.
Luc tightened his hand around her wrist. “How do they know about Carson?”
“Maybe they’re following her,” Logan said. “She said ‘they’ll find out about you and you’ll die, too’ when we said we wanted to help her.”
“So, maybe she knows someone is following her, but who died?” Luc asked.
“Her father, Ryan Edwards, when she was seventeen,” Jackson said from the doorway.
“Tell us what you know,” Luc said.
“Not much,” Jackson said. “Just that while Ryan, Thor, and I were out of the country, something happened to her. She told her father and he called Thor in a rage. They arranged to meet at Club Elysium but on the way there Ryan stopped for gas and was killed in what the police decided was a robbery that turned into a homicide. A witness who was ex-military told Thor it was a professional hit. Two men. Well organized.”
Luc lifted Cassie’s wrist to his lips and kissed it. “Does Cassie know he was targeted?”
“Yes. We had to tell her. She was blaming herself for his death because she had driven his car and left the tank empty again.”
“Climb on.” Luc tapped the padded bench while little lines appeared at the outer corners of his eyes—his version of a grin.
Cassie looked at the bench and saw that it was like the spanking bench at Club Mystique. It was a large sawhorse with places on each side for her knees and arms. Behind it was a mirror-covered wall and she could see the three of them reflected in it.
She had never been so drawn to a man, or rather two men, in her life, and in that moment, she knew she was going to fight her fear to have them. Determined, she drew on her observations of submissive behavior and began the performance of a lifetime. Fluttering her lashes down over her eyes, she wiggled her hips and pulled her skirt up until the hem brushed the top of her mound, then moved to the side of the bench. She gracefully straddled the padded bench and raised her knees to the knee rest. Then she balanced her weight and curved her shoulders back in a deep arch, and humped the bench. Feeling free for the first time in years, she shook her head, and felt her long hair brush back and forth over the thin material of her shirt. She stroked her braless breasts and gave each nipple a little pinch before dropping onto her belly and placing her forearms on the padded rests. The padded bench was cool beneath her left cheek as she opened her eyes and saw Luc and Logan reflected in the mirrored wall.
Logan’s eyes were locked on her, his expression dark with lust. Luc’s eyes were locked on her, too. She didn’t know what his expression meant but it was definitely no longer blank. They both reached for their shirts and whipped them off then dropped them to the floor before moving toward her. A heated wave of lust flooded her body and her hormones woke up and screamed, “yes, yes, yes.” They were gorgeous. Two bronze warriors with black hair, square jaws, and beautifully sculpted lips. Their arms were just the way she liked them, strong with well-defined muscles, and their bellies had sharply sculpted washboard abs that she ached to explore.
Luc moved to her left side as Logan moved to her right and she took note that this was their usual pattern. Looking in the mirror and seeing Logan’s feelings on his face, she realized he didn’t care if people knew what he was feeling, but Luc hid his emotions behind a blank mask. She smiled, wiggled her ass, and then relaxed. Logan flashed her a smile as Luc moved to her head and crouched down until his gleaming eyes met hers. God, she loved his eyes with their thick, straight, black lashes and sharply arching brows. When she looked closely enough, she thought she could see what he was feeling hidden deep within them.
“I expect you to stay in position. If you move I’ll add ten swats.” Luc smoothed her hair and arranged it over her left shoulder. “Do you understand?”
“Yes, Sir.”
Luc ran his hand over her hair several more times almost as if he couldn’t resist touching it. “You have beautiful hair.”
Cassie smiled at him, her amber eyes glowing with happiness.
Luc gazed back at her, then leaned forward and slid his lips over hers. “You’re getting twenty swats. Ten from me and ten from Logan. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Sir. Do you want me to say I’m sorry for the ice cream attack?”
Luc lifted a brow. “Are you sorry?”
“No, but it’s the thought that counts, Sir.”
Crinkles appeared around Luc’s eyes and she grinned, pleased that she had made this stern man smile.
“Keep that thought in mind.” He touched her hair one last time then moved to stand next to Logan and nodded at him. “You go first, Logan.”
Logan began by running his hands over Cassie’s body, beginning at her ankles then up the backs of her legs, and over her ass cheeks. He gave each of them a little squeeze and a pat, then slid his hands up to her lower back. He squeezed her waist and massaged her back through the thin material of her shirt. His fingers pressed into her back on either side of her spine and she shivered as he stroked up to her shoulders. She shivered again as the heat of his chest pressed against her. He gathered her hair into one hand and ran his hand down it then nibbled on the back of her neck. Goose bumps flared on her skin as he blew his breath over her neck then nipped her ear. He continued to nibble and kiss her neck while his hands ran over her sides and squeezed her hips. “You have the silkiest skin I’ve ever felt.” Logan moved back down her body, touching her every step of the way. Cassie watched in the mirror as he squatted down and looked at her pussy.
“Sugar, you have a beautiful ass and your pussy makes me hungry.” Logan walked his fingers down her crack then around her pussy, before he brushed his fingers over the outer edges of her swollen, wet labia.
He pressed on her clit and Cassie drew a deep breath into her lungs. He swirled his fingers over her clit and she gasped then wiggled, wanting more. Logan stood, smiled, and then swatted her ass. Once on each cheek.


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    1. Kylie, I hope you enjoy it when you get a chance to read it. Luc and Logan are very naughty. lol

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    1. Hi, Jen. I like my books to have a lot of suspense and humor as well as some really great hot sex. I hope you enjoy reading them.

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    1. Hi, Jennifer. Thank you so much for your kind words about my books. Their story will continue in the future and they'll be popping up when you least expect it. lol

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    1. Hi Sassy, I like your name as I like my female characters to be sassy too. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy reading my books.

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