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Spotlighting Mellanie Szereto - Love Served Hot (Love on the Menu 1)

I am so lucky, once again I get to spotlight one of Siren's most talented authors.  Mellanie Szereto. When her fingers aren't attached to her keyboard, Mellanie Szereto enjoys hiking, Pilates, cooking, gardening, and researching for her stories. Many times, the research partners with her other hobbies, taking her from the Hocking Hills region in Ohio to the Colorado Rockies or the Adirondacks of New York. Sometimes, the trip is no farther than her garden for ingredients and her kitchen to test recipes for her latest steamy tale. She is multi-published with Siren-Bookstrand and has started a new self-published foodie contemporary series, Love on the Menu, in addition to her nonfiction book, Writing Tip Wednesday: The Writing Craft Handbook, based on her informational blog series. Mellanie makes her home in rural Indiana with her husband of twenty-seven years, their son, and two cats. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, Indiana Romance Writers of America, Hearts Through History Romance Writers, and PASIC.

I asked her some questions:
If you had to choose to give up one, which would it be, chocolate or sex?
Not a fair question! Considering my newest series is based on food and sex, that’s very tough to answer. Hmm… I think I’d give up chocolate because carob is a pretty tasty substitute and I can’t think of a reasonable replacement for sex!
Why did you choose to write erotic romance?
Funny story! I attended my first RWA National Conference in 2010 with several friends from my local RWA chapter. Over sangria, we jokingly came up with titles and premises that would fit into the erotic romance genre. Our ideas sort of blossomed into a series of anthologies (The Sextet Anthologies) published by Siren. We still blame it on the sangria! 
Describe your idea of the perfect first date.
I’m fairly introverted, so a perfect first date for me would be a quiet picnic, with the chance to talk without having the background noise of a busy restaurant. I’d enjoy a hike in the woods or a walk  through themed gardens and a relaxed canoe or kayak ride on a lake.
If you’re in a relationship, tell how you met that person.
My husband and I had seen each other in passing several times at a gym/natatorium. He pointed me out to someone at the pool and said he wanted to meet me. Then mutual friends introduced us at our town’s annual homecoming festival a couple weeks later. We sat talking on the park bleachers until four in the morning. We still celebrate our day-we-meet anniversary! Next month, it’s 29 years! 
Do you fall in love with the characters you write?
Absolutely, and some more than others! Part of what I love about my characters is their growth throughout the stories. When they learn to accept their faults and make the best of who they are, they became real—to me and, hopefully, my readers! 
Where do you get the ideas to develop your characters?
My characters tend to tell me about their personalities and what makes them tick. If I try to add my own ideas, my characters also push back or stop talking to me. Stubbornness seems to be on ongoing trait… 
What series do you read and can’t wait for the next installment?
I don’t have much time for reading, between homeschooling my son with Asperger’s and my writing. I do, however, always make time for the latest installment of Cheryl Brooks’ Cat Star Chronicles series. Rebel is out July 1!
Do you have a favorite activity to recharge your batteries before you start a new project?
I always more than one project in the works, so I rarely take time to recharge after I write “The End” on one. When I need a break, I usually go to one of my favorite hiking spots with my family for a few days. I’m always anxious to get back to my laptop!
Do you ever get angry at the characters you write?
Frustrated, yes. Angry, no. Sometimes, the wrong characters are trying to tell their stories or the right ones don’t like where the story is going, so they stop talking. My characters are very good at letting me know when they aren’t happy with me. Definitely stubborn! For the most part, I sympathize with them over the decisions and choices they make and cheer for them when they find happily ever after.

You can Contact Mellanie the following ways:

Latest Book and Buy Links
Love Served Hot (Love on the Menu 1)
·         All Romance ebooks (e-book): https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-loveservedhot-1360650-177.html
·         Createspace (print): https://www.createspace.com/4580991

Here is an Excerpt of her book Love Served Hot (Love on the Menu 1)

A glance toward the dark dining room brought him up short as he strolled past. Light filtered onto the carpet from beneath the serving door to the kitchen and through the porthole window.

Had he forgotten to flip off the switch when he left earlier?

He’d been distracted enough.

He backtracked down the hallway to the other entrance. As he lifted his hand to push the door open, a noise came from the other side.

Was that a moan? Geesh. Please don’t tell me old people are having sex in my kitchen. And why do I smell tomatoes and basil?

Hesitant about whether or not to enter, he strained to hear another sound.

“More. I want more.”

Was that Lilith’s voice? Did she have a guy in there with her?

Not if I can help it!

He shoved the door open and stepped into the room, shading his eyes against the brightness. A squeak brought his attention straight to the woman in question, her face half hidden behind a tipped-up carryout box. Only her wide green eyes were fully visible. She lowered the container, revealing flushed cheeks and a dab of red sauce on her chin.

He strode into the kitchen, grabbing a towel on his way to the sexiest female he’d ever met. Wiping away the drop of sauce, he bit the inside of his lip to hold in a combination of lust and amusement.

She liked his food.

No, she loves my food.

The week of not showing up for meals in the restaurant had nothing to do with his cooking.

Was she avoiding him because she wanted him as much as he wanted her?

Hope built in his chest—and lower.

Her gaze skittered away from him. “I was hungry. I didn’t have time to eat supper. You said I could help myself whenever…”

He took the licked-clean box from her to set it on the counter. “I did, and you can. Did you enjoy it?”

She nodded slowly, the tip of her pink tongue snaking out to lick the corner of her mouth. “It was delicious.”

The sensual action could’ve been involuntary, but it sent an electrical charge straight to his dick, either way.

Was she delicious too?

The need to know proved too much, and he leaned in closer for his own taste. Sounds like those she’d made deserved to be induced by something a hell of lot more interesting than campanelle and ports.
Soft, full lips met his, stealing his sanity and making his heart race. She raked her fingers through his hair, tugging him against her full breasts as her tongue slipped between his teeth.

Wrapping his arms around her, he held her in place, letting the mixture of spices from the entrée and the sweet flavor of Lilith feed his hunger. He rubbed his tongue over hers, relieved to finally be able to kiss her. Barely keeping a tight rein on his reaction, he rocked his hips forward, rubbing his erection against her hip. Damn, but he wanted to be inside her.

I need to be inside her.

Her hand closed over his butt, guiding him away from her hips and to her center. She arched against him, and a growl escaped 

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Spotlighting Author Joelle Casteel and Out of the Night: Book One

Hi Folks!  Meet My Friend, Joelle!!!  
I have been wanting to get Joelle on my blog since I met her a couple of months ago.  She is an Indie Author with a fresh perspective.  Joelle Casteel has been writing for as long as she can remember. Explicit, graphic, her writing isn't for minors or the easily offended. Once upon a time, she preferred to write on a PC, sitting on a stool- there were those who told her she looked like Tori Amos playing the piano. She's still trying to get the hang of writing in an arm chair instead, normally with a heavy dog's head resting on her feet, whether she wants that or not. With BDSM gaining a broader audience with various books- which she will not name because she can't stand them- she feels it's past time to put out her impression of what BDSM can look like in reality.
                                         - Caitlyn

I asked Joelle some questions.  
If you had to choose to give up one, which would it be, chocolate or sex?
Chocolate. I only really want chocolate in response to my monthly cramps and well, I'd rather have no more cramps than chocolate :D. I can't think of anything that would be a big enough enticement to give up sex.

Why did you choose to write erotica?
 I started writing erotica because so many pieces of my sexuality, my identity weren't shown at all in erotica and still pieces of "me" are just not there. Like one of my chief gripes is that hardcore BDSM interactions (physical, mental, virtual) are almost never shown in the context of a loving committed relationship (whether monogamous or polyamorous). It's like romance authors, society in general want that to be an either/or choice- hardcore BDSM or love. I refuse to accept that it's an either/or thing. Polyamorous relationships are still too few and far between in erotica or erotic romance with the sex being the focus- you get a focus on sexual activity or the romance/relationships, rarely a balance of both. I think my friends Sorcha Black, Leia Shaw, and Cari Silverwood in their "Badass Brats" series are among the very few authors who show a really good balance between those things in a fictional polyamorous situation.

Do you fall in love with the characters you write?
 Not only fall in love with, but I regularly have virtual BDSM and sexual activity with many of my characters. Especially from my "Vala's Story" serial. Iona comes to bed with me many a night; she's very good at back rubs and cuddling as well as encouraging me to imagine having sex with my Master. I love Tommy dearly; he is such a good, sweet submissive. Sometimes when I'm getting frustrated too easily, he'll remind me of better ways to say what I need to say to my Master hopefully without sounding like a shrewish wife.

Where do you get the ideas to develop your characters?
 A mish-mash of places. Although "from my life" and "from my fantasies" are too big places my characters come from. For instance, Iona- mentioned in my last answer- is my fantasy domme. If she was an actual person, don't you know I'd beg my Master to collar her and keep us both, letting both of them having authority over me. However, unlike other authors I know, I don't try to find pictures of people to inspire me in describing characters; I will sometimes after the fact settle on a person who has many characteristics of a character. An example of this is Brian Molko of Placebo- at many points during the band's existence, he has "looked" more or less like I picture Tommy to look. It's handy that Brian is so androgynous as well as being small for a male; while I don't picture Tommy to be a small man in height, over all, I see him and Brian similarly.

Contact Joelle
 My blog: http://joellecasteel.blogspot.com/
On Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/JoelleCasteelAuthor
On Tumblr:  http://authorjoellecasteel.tumblr.com/
On Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/10571043-joelle
On Twitter: @JoelleCasteel

Out of the Night: Book one blurb

Restless and world-weary, Mearr isn't about to admit she needs anyone's help, even this gorgeous man who has taken her into his home. Well one of his homes and part of this huge family she's heard about but not met all of. She's young, looks young, and knows it but at least she's legal now so she can pick a new name to go with her new life...

The Queen knows he wants Mearr bad, ever since the first time he saw her in the window of the coffeehouse. He has his plan, but even a Dominant's plans don't always survive the unpredictability of the future. He struggles to figure out this temperamental woman he's brought home, how best to help her. Then he takes her to his mansion...

They wait patiently for The Queen to bring Mearr home. Well to the home they've been redecorating for Him and for the hopes that she'll become part of their family and be trained to please Him. Simon and Tommy have seen her, of course, being The Queen's right and left hands; they say she'll be a perfect addition...

Please come along with Joelle on this journey, shared with the readers in serial fashion. A multitude of "Happily-ever-afters" are waiting with the completion of book 9.

Author's Note: This novel is meant for open-minded adults. Activities described include a wide range of BDSM and sexual activities, some of which are male/male, male/female, consensual slavery, oral/anal/vaginal intercourse, bondage. The story also covers some sensitive topics in characters' backstories, such as drug abuse.

Out of the Night: Book One buy links

Smashwords- multiple formats- https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/417778
MyAwesomeFans Fanstore- multiple formats- http://fanstore.myawesomefans.com/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&view=productdetails&virtuemart_product_id=54&virtuemart_category_id=116&Itemid=263

Story Excerpt

Heroin Joe walked to the front window and placed Mearr in her usual corner. He made sure she was sitting up and walked away. He shook his head and ran back to Beth. Time to get high.

Suddenly a man appeared in front of the coffeehouse, standing outside the window in front of Mearr. He watched her for a moment, licking his lips. He stood well over six feet, closer to seven. His long black hair hung loose to the middle of his back and framed his face, accenting his haunting ice blue eyes. He had the strong, defined facial features of a male model and a large-framed runner's body. He wore a flowing, long white robe underneath a black, leather, floor-length trench coat, his feet adorned by black combat boots. He sauntered into Night, walked to Mearr, and picked her up. No one tried to stop him or asked what he was doing. He strode out of Night with Mearr in his arms and turned left. He hurried down the street, ignoring strange looks from passers-by.

"You need to stay awake, Mearr. You got a nasty bump on your head. I do not wish to be rushing you to the ER tonight." The Queen's powerful voice cut through the drug haze swirling in her sore head.
"Okay," she murmured. "Just please make me warm. I'm so cold." She snuggled closer to The Queen and breathed deeply. She sighed when she caught the clean, male scent of him.


It might seem strange that I wasn't worried when The Queen took me from Night without asking if I wanted to go, or that no one tried to stop him, but that's the way he's treated. Everyone who is anyone, whether in the local fetish scene or not, knows who he is; they know the treatment he expects and deserves.

The Queen always gets what he wants and he wanted me. Wanted me to be his. Wanted to bring the changes he envisioned in me to fruition. I'm glad he could envision those things in me; I was too sick to guess at them.

I'm not sure if I'd actually OD'd that time, or if the Valium had just been enough to help my system process the little too much drugs I took. Daniel'd treated me for OD's before though, sometimes with Valium, sometimes with Narcan, depending on what I'd taken. As I loved to joke, my drug of choice was "more." I think I've gotten the better bargain by substituting BDSM and polyamory for drugs.


Mearr asked, "Where are we going?" as The Queen turned a corner and headed towards what looked like a small apartment building.

"To my loft," The Queen replied as he continued down the street. In a few minutes, The Queen arrived at his loft to find the doorman at his post.

"I see you were successful, sir." The doorman bowed and then held the door open until The Queen was inside.

The Queen smiled down at Mearr, kissing her cheek, and laughed. "Yes. I always get what I want."

Adult excerpt

"Would you fuck me right now?" Mearr demanded.

"My Queen, would you like both melons cut up?" Tommy held up the honeydew and cantaloupes.

"Um, yes both, Tommy."

"My Queen, the berries are on the table if you would like to snack while waiting," Simon broke in, gesturing towards the table at the small bowl full of strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries topped with a hefty layer of whipped cream.

The Queen smiled and nodded in Simon and Tommy's direction.

"Mearr, let us go sit at the table. The berries look delicious, don't they?" The Queen rose from the bed and offered Mearr his hand.

She stubbed out the cigarette in the ashtray and put it back on the nightstand. "Go ahead and throw away my cigarettes." With a little help, Mearr got up and walked to the table with him.

The Queen pulled out a chair for Mearr, walked to another chair, and sat down.

"Okay Simon, I understand you'd try to help your master," Mearr started and looked at The Queen before continuing, "but I still want an answer. Would you fuck me right now?" She stood, stripped the shirt off, and threw it at The Queen. She stuck her hands on her hips and stared defiantly at him.

Simon announced, "My Queen, breakfast is ready."

Tommy brought two plates, heaped with food, to the table and placed one in front of The Queen and then Mearr. He knelt next to The Queen. "Simon and I can leave now and return when you wish us to clean up. Is this acceptable, my Queen?"

While The Queen's attention was diverted, Mearr rushed to her jacket and grabbed a condom. She dove under the table and crawled to him. Her hands moved up his legs and stopped on his belly just above his cock. Suddenly she took his cock into her mouth, making loud slurping noises for Tommy and Simon's benefit.

"Ah... yes... good," The Queen choked out, gesturing wildly at the door as his cheeks colored.

"Would you like us to leave now, my Queen?" Tommy asked with a barely suppressed grin.

"Um... yes. Very good!"

Tommy and Simon each kissed The Queen and said, "My Queen," before exiting the room. Their chuckles were audible through the door.

Once the alarm system notified him that the front door had closed, The Queen demanded, "What are you doing?"

Mearr popped up for a moment and, laughing, she said, "I thought it was obvious." Without further pause, she went back to what she had been doing.

Whatever am I going to do with her, The Queen thought, looking down at Mearr as a groan escaped his tightly pressed lips.

"Mearr, this feels very good, but... I... um... breakfast?"

She let his cock slip out of her mouth. "Yes, you taste very good."

"That is not what I meant and you know it!"

Muffled giggling floated up from underneath the table.

Mearr slid her mouth down until his cock pressed at the back of her throat.

"Mearr..." The words died in his throat.

Mearr slowly let him slide out of her mouth and looked up before whispering, "Do you really want me to stop? I can make you feel so much better if you let me finish what I started. Especially since I already have the condom on?"

Mearr's hand wandered up and down his quivering cock as she waited for a verbal response.

"Your mind may want me to stop but your body desperately wants me to continue," Mearr purred before deep-throating him again.

When The Queen didn't try to say anything, Mearr took this to mean he wasn't going to stop her. She wrapped her arms around his waist.

"Mearr..." A long moan finished the sentence for him.

Mearr released her hold on him slightly. One hand traveled down her leg to her crotch. Her fingers glided across her pulsing clit, plunged into her body. She was so wet, so ready for him.

"Mearr..." He groaned deeply and his hand found the back of her neck, pressing her closer to him. His body moved, his pelvis rising and falling, his back arching against the chair. Low, growling sounds poured from his mouth.

She seductively rubbed her body against him as she stood.

"Do you want to fuck me now, or do you really want to wait?" she whispered, her lips inches from his, her crotch pressed against his cock, ready to slide down at any moment.

He grasped her hips in both hands and pulled her down hard onto him.

"I love a man of action," she almost whimpered, pulling up ever so slightly before plunging down onto him again.

"Good," he growled as he slammed her against him again.

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Spotlighting Nicole Morgan - And Her Book Sudden Devotion!

Hi Readers,
         I'm so lucky to have Nicole Morgan on my blog!!!  She is a fantastic and successful author.  I have asked her a couple of questions and she has also provided us with a biography and some information about her wonderful book "Sudden Devotion"!  Enjoy....and I know you will.  - Caitlyn

If you had to choose to give up one, which would it be, chocolate or sex? Chocolate! ;)
Why did you choose to write erotica? Because I truly believe it’s the one genre that can change a woman’s life. There are far too many bored stay at home moms or even career women out there that don’t have an outline for their fantasies. Erotica gives them that in a safe place and allows them to escape, even if only for just a while.
Describe your idea of the perfect first date. Going to the drive through, picking something up, coming home, cuddling on the couch while watching a scary movie. J
If you’re in a relationship, describe your first date with that person. Haha! See above answer! LOL
Do you fall in love with the characters you write? Sometimes  yes, and other times they are pseudo models for people that I know who I just toy with. <insert evil grin>
Where do you get the ideas to develop your characters? Anywhere and everywhere. Whether it be a bag boy at the supermarket, a song I hear on the radio or just a random stranger I happen upon. There really are ideas everywhere.
What series do you read and can’t wait for the next installment? Pretty much everything Suzanne Brockman writes I will read. I have been known to buy duplicates of her books by accident.
Do you have a favorite activity to recharge your batteries before you start a new project? I absolutely love to get a pedicure after I’ve met a deadline and finished a book!
Do you ever get angry at the characters you write? I get angry with my muse mostly. Sometimes he’s a stubborn old fart and just shuts down on me. ;)

Nicole Morgan is an author of erotic romance novels, which more often than not have a suspenseful back story. Erotic romance mixed with good old-fashioned whodunit. While she's written everything from contemporary to paranormal her leading men will more than likely be wearing a uniform of some kind. From military to police officers, she has a love for writing about those who protect and serve. From her very first novel (which turned into a four book series) about Navy SEALs to her more recent releases you will be sure to find a few twists and turns you were not expecting.

She also has a recurring monthly column in Book & Trailer Showcase's eMagazine, and is a proud member of the Sweet N Sexy Divas as well as being a member of Romance Books 4 Us Gold Authors. 

Find out more about Nicole and her books by visiting her websiteblogGoogle + PageTwitterFacebook and her Yahoo Group, Nicole’s Think Tank.

SUDDEN DEVOTION is on a Retro Release Special! Now through May 28th you can get our copy of Sudden Devotion for only $2.75! That’s half off the cover price!

[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, sex toys, voyeurism]
Sara is inexperienced with men, but finds her untapped sexuality is bursting beneath the pressure of lustful desires. Mitch works with Sara and knows office romances can go horribly wrong, but that doesn’t stop him from going ahead with his plan to seduce her. Soon, the two find themselves in an erotic game of pleasure. Their affair proves to be more than either of them anticipated. After only a couple of days their relationship intensifies into a firestorm of passion and they begin to fall in love.
Claudia works with them both and isn’t happy when Mitch rejects her advances. Not willing to take no for an answer she uses every form of manipulation to drive the couple apart. Is their relationship strong enough to handle the betrayal that they believe to be true? Or will the thought of losing each other be the catalyst to keep them together?

Suggest Excerpts

(Below are 2 excerpts – please choose which will work best for your blog)


Sara looked at Mitch over the rim of her glass after taking a sip. Setting it down, she spoke candidly, “Mitch, I’m sorry for the way I acted just a little while ago. I wish I wasn’t so unsure of myself. You told me I should be truthful with you, so I will.”
She took a breath as she folded her fingers together on the table. “The truth is, I really like you. And I really don’t want to do something to scare you off. That’s why I didn’t want you to think you had to do all of this,” she said, motioning with her hands at the ambiance of the restaurant. “But,” she said before he could protest, “I think I could get used to you spoiling me a little.”
“Well, I am very glad to hear that. I think I will enjoy spoiling you, as well. Now, what are the odds I can get you to take off those panties?”
“Ahem, sorry, sir. Your, ah, salads.”
Mitch and Sara waited quietly as the waiter set their salad plates down in front of them. When the red-faced waiter left them, they both burst out into laughter.
Trying to regain her composure, Sara reached for her wine glass and eyed him with disbelief. “You are going to have to do something about your predilection toward me having a naked bottom.”
With complete disobedience in his eyes and a hint of mockery in his tone, he said, “You know, I think you’re right. When we leave here, let’s go pick up some lighter fluid and have ourselves a little panty barbeque on your patio.”
She laughed for a moment before she asked, “How did you know I had a barbeque?”
Shit! There was no way he could tell her yet. She would retreat and run. Trying to play it casual, he said, “I just figured. Does that mean we get to do it?” He waggled his brows at her.
“Hardly. But if you keep making me laugh like this, I might have to reward you later. I swear, I haven’t had this much fun in such a long time.”
They ate their salads over small talk. Sharing a few laughs over some of the people at the office., causing them both to be equally surprised to find that when it came to their co-workers, their opinions were identical. Amazingly, they had a lot in common.
Mitch wasn’t surprised at how compatible they seemed. When he watched her in her window just a couple of nights ago, he knew there was something about her. Something other than the fact that she looked absolutely magnificent as she touched herself in the moonlight.
The waiter took their salad plates away, and Mitch took a swig of wine before refilling both of their glasses. “Feel like playing a game?”
She smirked. “I am not going to take off my panties, and that is final. Wait until we get home.”
He wanted to laugh at her comment. But something about the way she said ‘until we get home’ caused a small flutter in his stomach. Could he actually really be falling for her? They haven’t even been dating for a week yet. He tried to ignore the sensation. “You’ve heard of word association games, right?”
Sipping her wine, she nodded.
“Well, it can be kind of interesting sometimes. Do you want to try?”
“Sure, why not?”
“Good. I’ll start. But remember, you have to say the first word that comes into your mind. So, I’ll start with, ah,” Mitch looked around the room for inspiration and saw it, “Leprechaun.”
Sara glanced around the restaurant until she saw a sweet little man with red hair. The only thing missing on him was a green suit, she laughed. “Okay, St. Patrick.”
“Fish and chips.”
“That’s three words,” Sara chided him.
He shrugged. “Hey, you got away with St. Patrick. That’s two words.”
“Fine. Cheater.”
“I’m not a cheater!” He laughed.
“No, my word is cheater.”
“Oh, okay. Um, never.”
She eyed him, as though thinking of what to say next. “Land.”
“Land? What does – oh, I get it. From Peter Pan, Never Land. Okay, um, airplane.”
“Flying.” She smiled while sipping her wine.
“Climax.” Mitch watched as her face reddened.
Obviously not willing to back down, Sara responded quickly,  “Euphoria.”
“You.” He whispered the word with a gleam in his eye.


“Hard and fast! I want it hard and fast.” Her hips were rocking against his hand.
“Okay, I can do that, baby.” His voice still soothed her into submission. “What about number three?” He swiped his tongue down her slick entrance, moaning when he tasted her. “What should I do after I come in your sweet pussy?”
“No…I don’t…I mean, I want you to fuck me, but don’t come. I want…oh please, Mitch, I can’t concentrate.”
He chuckled. “Is my tongue distracting you, honey? I’ll stop then.”
“No! No, don’t stop.” She whimpered and bit on her bottom lip.
“Then you better tell me why. Why can’t I come in your sweet little pussy?”
“Because, damn it! I want to taste you after you’ve been inside me.”
Sara shouted at him, her frustration bringing out the animal in her.
He watched her as she bit out the words and continued to writhe against his tongue. She was completely lost in her arousal. Could he tell that she was no longer in charge of her body? Her desire had taken over. “Oh, baby. Do you want to taste yourself on me?”
“Yes, all right. Yes.” Sara was beyond any sense of reason or self-control. She only knew that she had fantasized about what it would be like. And now that he was here, she wasn’t about to lose her chance to get what she wanted.
Coaxing her along he asked her to finish, “Tell me, what would you do after you sucked all that sweet pussy juice off of my cock?”
Her whole body was on fire. She was going to come, and he’d barely even touched her, just occasional licks and kisses. No real friction or pressure. His touches were more teases than strokes. “Mitch, I want you to come in my mouth again.”
Mitch closed his eyes for a moment. Trying to hang on to the control that she had almost just broken. “Oh yeah? You’re such a sweet girl, honey. You liked that earlier today, didn’t you?” He looked up at her and watched her face as she fought against the orgasm that was building. “Then I’ll give you exactly that, Sara. But only if you do the same for me. You tasted me, now I want to taste you. I want to taste your sweet climax when my face is buried in between your thighs. Come on, baby. I want you to come for me.” Mitch dove in as he attacked her with his mouth and his tongue, devouring ever succulent nibble of her.
Darting his tongue inside her entrance, he moaned in delight at the sweet taste of her. The meal he had planned to make of her had barely begun, and he was about ready to lose himself in the ecstasy of it when she came. He hadn’t expected it to happen so soon. She screamed out his name and wrapped her legs around his head, bringing him closer to her.
Mitch had to laugh. She was just a flowing fountain of untapped desire. Even though she was shy, she changed who she was when she got truly hot and bothered. Then she completely let go. She had so many naughty sides to her, but she didn’t know what to do with any of them. He was thinking this as he drank up the last of her and knew that he was going to have quite a lot of fun with her.
Mitch looked up and watched her. His good girl hadn’t moved from the position he had put her in, no matter how much she squirmed her body. That was very good. She was going to be a very good student, indeed. He stood up while her eyes were still closed and stripped down.
“Stand up, Sara.” He waited until she opened her eyes. Then he held out his hand and helped her up before swinging her around. He placed her hands on the back of the chair and whispered in her ear, “Hold on, honey.”
He heard her moan at his half threat, half promise. The flush glow on her face told him that she was feeling every wave and jolt shoot through her body as he slammed into her. Sara was much different than any other woman he’d bee n with before.
He slammed his cock deep inside her and hit places he was sure she never knew existed, not even with her trusty vibrator.
Sara rocked into him and met him thrust for thrust when he felt her third orgasm of the day approaching. He saw she was struggling to fight it.
“No baby, don’t you dare stop yourself. Come for me.”
He watched her in awe as she threw her head back and screamed his name once again, all while her body convulsed in pleasure.
Mitch didn’t move. He stayed buried inside her as he waited for her body to come down. He watched her ass wiggle as she trembled. And wondered just how long he would have to wait until he could take her in that tight, little hole.
“Feel good, honey?” He waited, and she moaned her reply. “Good.” He fisted her hair in his hands and yanked her head back. “Now sit on the chair like a good little girl, and suck all of your hot juice off of my cock.”

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Introducing Chrysta Mane, An Aspiring Writer with A lot of Talent

I am delighted that Caitlyn asked me to write an introduction for Chrysta Mane.  She is one of my oldest friends on Facebook, and a loyal and enthusiastic supporter of my writing, so I am more than happy to support hers.  I am sure that her work will be a success when she publishes it.  I for one can't wait to read her first novel in print, and I wish her all the success she deserves.  Come on Chrysta, darlin, time to show us all what you can do!
                                   Nell Brown

I am a romantic at heart and avid reader, characters and stories have rolled around in my head seemingly forever. When the kids were young, I put a few stories on paper, but home,family, and work came first.

Years after the kids were grown and on their own, I lost my long-time computer specialist position. With no other reason standing in the way, I turned to writing again, from short contemporaries to long historical romances, all with Alpha heroes and equally strong heroines in search of the elusive happily ever after.  Here are two excerpts from two of the stories I'm working on.
                                                                       Chrysta Mane

It’s not funny.

Oh, yes, it is. Almost as funny as trying to ignore six feet tall and solid muscle, with reddish brown hair and gorgeous hazel eyes, and hypnotizes you with the same ease as those other females.

What other females?

Those other coeds you’ve muttered about mooning over him, and don’t you dare try to deny it.

“Oh, those,” Gaby muttered. She may lust for the hot professor, but the very idea he'd ever noticed her was so far-fetched, it was inconceivable. Besides, if the rumors circulating around campus were true, no female stood a chance with the man anyway.

Of course, it was mere conjecture. No one knew for certain, and just because he supposedly didn’t date, didn’t mean he was homosexual. The idea was positively ludicrous, along with the notion his colleagues wanted to nominate him for a Playgirl centerfold. The man certainly did not fit the muscled type who graced the magazine’s photo spread, but his sexy self-assurance attracted more than his fair share of female attention among the student body, which probably accounted for his colleagues envy.
Whatever it was, the straight-laced hunky professor had a pristine record and reputation, obviously liked his job and its tenured security, too much to risk it by breaking any of the rules and regulations laid down by the Board of Regents forbidding social interaction between teachers and students.

That was then, there's nothing stopping you now, the voice mocked aloud, sending a heated flare of churning in the pit of her stomach.

No, absolutely not, it’s pointless to even consider. The man never showed a smidge of interest in me, and I won’t be made into a fool by listening to such nonsense.

Not even if he's your mate?

Oh, for crying out loud, not that again? He is not my mate, so stop harping on it. Her ears flicked in annoyance as she clenched her teeth. Talk of a mate was pure craziness, and she refused to be drawn into it. Besides, wouldn't she have sensed if he was her mate? Grams had taught the youngins that one could sense their mate was near before ever seeing or smelling them, though to this day Gaby doubted the old woman's logic. One couldn't sense, or for that matter, smell another. Could they?

Stop sticking your head in the sand like a blooming ostrich. He’s your mate, and it’s time you accepted it, then did something about it. No rules broken by finally getting it on.

Oh, for goodness sake, stop talking so crude. Anger sluiced through her veins as beads of sweat erupted all over her skin despite the cold air smacking into her face and riot of emotions tearing at her insides. He’s not my mate, he’s not my mate.

Oh, good grief, why are you so hell-bent on wearing blinders?

Because I don’t want a mate. Men like Professor Taggett want tall, willowy, well-endowed, not average height with full curves and too smart for her own good, that's why.

Let me get this right, you know him well enough to know the type of woman that would please him and you're not it?

That's about the size of it.

For crying out loud, must you analyze so much? You nearly combust whenever he's near, yet you expect me to believe you're willing to walk away without even trying?


“Oh,” she cried, propping up the front hood to have a look see. Other than being able to point out the battery or the dip stick to check the engine oil level, she had absolutely no idea what she was looking at. To a trained eye, any number of things could be wrong, but from her perspective, it was nothing more than a car's engine and everything looked fine.
“Won’t start?” a decidedly male voice said from behind.
Startled, she squeaked “What?” and swiveled her head to look. A tallish, lean man stood scant feet away. A definite five o’clock shadow outlined his square-jawed face punctuated by high cheek bones any woman would die for, a prominent nose and the most intense, vivid blue eyes shaded by a fringe of curly dark lashes. Damn, it wasn’t fair for features like those to be wasted on a man. She knew any number of females who’d give their eyeteeth to see that staring back in the mirror each morning.
As she stared unabashedly at the stranger, she felt an odd flutter in the pit of her stomach that had nothing to do with pain or hunger or any discernible cause. His mouth curled into a smile, and her pulse leaped in her veins. Several long moments passed before it settled back into any sort of normal rhythm.
“Car won’t start?” His arms crossed over his chest, he nodded in the direction of the vehicle directly in front of her. She nodded back, having suddenly lost the ability to speak. A curious situation since she made a living talking to a classroom of students on a daily basis.
Hands shoved into the pockets of tight jeans, he seemed very self-assured, mature, not at all like the cocky twenty something males that strutted around campus. The near form-fitting shirt did nothing to hide a physique shouting regular workout. He could easily rival any one of the so-called jocks forced to take classes here before transferring to a four-year school where an athletic scholarship awaited.
It took long minutes before she felt confident her voice was steady. “Are you lost? Do you need any help?”
His grin widened, and her stomach lurched. Suddenly unsteady on her feet, she grasped the car’s frame and stared at the cold engine. What the heck was going on? One minute she’s trying to deal with a vehicle who’s cold and unresponsive, and the next she’s faced with so hot and sexy it could melt the pavement in a matter of minutes.

Dear lord, if this is some sort of payback for some atrocity done in the past, I promise I’ll be good from now on. Only free me from this kind of penance. It’s not nice to tease me this way. You know I can’t handle it. Please.

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New Book - Protecting Olivia

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     I hope you have had fun this week, and have come back, and back and back.  Someone is going to win that $50 Amazon Gift Card, and since you can enter everyday, why can't it be you?!  Hell, you can answer the same question again and again.

     Today's book is mine.  So I'm not going to start by saying what an awesome author we have as a guest.  You have probably already guessed this author is kind of a snarky smartass.  

     This is the second book in my Fate Harbor series.  Fate Harbor is based off of the small town I grew up North of Seattle Washington.  (No I'm not telling you where I grew up.)  It was and is filled with the nicest, kindest and quirkiest people.  

     I'd answer interview questions, but I didn't want to hear my answers, so instead I'll give you the story synopsis, the General Excerpt and the Adult Excerpt....Read on at your own risk....(she warned with an evil laugh.)

                         - Cheers Caitlyn

After almost being beaten to death Olivia Prescott is recovering in Fate Harbor.  There she meets firefighter, Joshua Parker, who was everything she wants in a man, and she begins to fall in love. Later, his best friend and fellow firefighter, Ian Ransom returns, and she recognizes a long lost piece of her soul.

Rather than coming between the two friends she flees back to Boston.  When Joshua and Ian find out that Olivia’s life is in danger, they realize that their friendship and Olivia mean more to them than any sense of betrayal. They recognize that to keep her they must learn to share her.  Their background in law enforcement allow Joshua and Ian to protect Olivia while helping to discover who is behind the attempts on her life. While finding out who is behind the plot to kill Olivia, can they convince Olivia that the three of them are meant to be together and make a life in Fate Harbor?  
              “Kitten, are you okay?” it was the way he had thought of her, with her back arched hissing at Chance when he had first seen her.
               “My ribs are still a little tender,” she admitted as she gazed up at him with darkened eyes.  “I didn’t want to stop, Joshua.”  She shifted her bottom in his lap, so that she was nestled against his denim covered erection.  “I liked kissing you; being close to you.” 
                Joshua cleared his throat.  “We still have wine and dessert,” he reminded her.
                “I know what I want for dessert,” she purred.  Yep, definitely a kitten.
                “Olivia Ann, first dessert!  Then, we’ll have a serious conversation, then maybe we can discuss further activities.”
                “Don’t you have condoms?” she asked.
                “Dessert!” he maintained.  “I need my burnt marshmallow craving taken care of, before I can think of my other cravings.  You do know how to make a s’more don’t you?”
                “I’ve roasted marshmallows, but I’ve never had a s’more,” she admitted.
                “Ahhh, you weren’t a camper.  Here I thought you had a perfect pedigree.  Allow me to broaden your horizons.”  Joshua insisted upon keeping her in his lap, as they roasted marshmallows and made a mess of gooey chocolate on graham crackers.
                “Oh, my God, this tastes wonderful,” Olivia said around a mouthful of s’more, her eyes wide.
                “Told you.”
                “Joshua Parker, the mind boggles at the idea of what other pleasures you might be able to introduce me to,” she looked up at him, seductively.
                She watched as he dutifully put out the fire, learning the proper way to perform the task.  There were more steps than she would have thought.  She then helped him pack up, and shake the sand out of the blanket.  She enjoyed the sensation of resting her head on his shoulder as they walked back to his house. 
                “So what is this serious conversation you wanted to have?  I recently came out of the hospital with clean blood work, but I’m not on any birth control, at least not at the moment.  What about you, have you been tested?” she asked.
                “It’s been over a year since I’ve had sex, and I’ve been checked since then, so I’m clean,” he answered.
                “A year, that seems like a long time for a firefighter.  Don’t you have a fan base, groupies or some such thing?” Olivia asked with a wry smile.
                Joshua gave a rueful chuckle, and didn’t answer.  “I’ll take that as a yes,” she said.   “A friend of mine married a man who rode bulls in the rodeo, those groupies were called Buckle Bunnies.  What are yours called?”
                “Firehouse Floozies, but I’m not sure that’s really politically correct.  I think they prefer to be called ladies.”  As she continued to just look at him, he answered her question with one of his own.  “Do you really have me categorized as a firefighter as opposed to a thirty-six year old man who might know the difference between taking a woman of substance into his bed as opposed to some woman who just wants to use him?”
                “I’m sorry, Joshua,” Olivia said after a moment.  She paused longer, thinking through her next words.  “I think I wanted to believe this had less relevance for you…  For us.  I’m not going to be here long.  My home is in Boston.”  He reached out and pulled her in, their hips meeting, their breaths mingling.  He looked her in the eye, gray meeting blue.
                “I’m not asking for a commitment, Kitten.  I’m asking for the pleasure of your company while you are here.  In all honesty, I’m hopeful that eventually you will spend some of that time in my bed.”  Olivia pressed herself against his erection, luxuriating in the feel of all that hardness waiting for her; it had been much longer for her than it had been for Joshua. 
                “I’m not saying no, Joshua.  I want you right now.” 

She pulled away from Joshua, stroking her fingers across his cheek, smiling down at him, as she pushed back against Ian.  Joshua smiled back, knowing exactly what Ian was doing.
                “Please, Ian,” she begged.
                “Yes, I promise,” he said.
                “Now, please, I need you now,” she pleaded.  Then she felt him, and sighed, resting her head against the heat of Joshua’s chest.  She relaxed, letting him in, enveloping him, and bringing him home.
                “God, Livvy, you feel so good,” he croaked.  Ever so slowly he pulled her up onto her knees, freeing Joshua’s cock from where it had been cushioned against the soft curve of her stomach.  She reached down, stroking the velvety heat, needing two hands to surround him.
                “Yes, baby, I love your touch,” Joshua said, a strained smile on his face.
                Olivia had trouble speaking, the heat and power of Ian filling her, causing her to tremble, but he held still,  so she gasped, “I love touching you, Joshua,” she finally answered, her voice a whisper.
                “Guide me in.  I need to be inside you.”  Both men helped to position her, so that Joshua’s cock was at the entrance of her vagina, and Olivia couldn’t stop the shudder that went through her body.  She needed this.  She needed to have them both inside her, at last.  She started to push down, excitement coursing through her, the need.  Then she was wincing at the strain on her compressed channel.  Joshua, even though he was groaning in pleasure at being clenched so tightly saw her discomfort, and immediately grabbed her hips and stilled her downward movement.
                “Stop,” he commanded.  “Stay still for a moment.  Let yourself get used to the fullness.”  Olivia sucked in a deep shuddering breath, and Ian leaned forward, his chest cradling her back, his hand reaching around to her mound, finding her engorged clit.
                “Livvy, I’ve never felt something so soft, so puffy and wet,” he said, as he lightly touched that flange of flesh.
                “You should see it, Ian.  Her clit is so red and swollen, begging for your touch.  Pinch it, she wants you to play.”  Ian released the knot of nerves, and Olivia cried out in protest, as he took his hand back to suck on his fingers.  She could hear what he was doing, and she was so aroused, she pushed down on Joshua’s thick erection, needing more stimulation, needing more of her men.  Ian brought his wet fingers back to her needy flesh and swirled around the bud, causing her to lift, and then lower.  She saw the strain on Joshua’s face, but she was unable to do anything about it, because she knew that her face mirrored his.  Up and down, until finally their pelvises met, and they both sighed in satisfaction.
                Never, ever, had she felt closer to two human beings, so loved, so cherished, so needy, so out of her mind.  They just waited, filling her, not moving.  The strain on Joshua’s face had grown worse, not better, even though he was completely clasped inside her body.  Then she felt that first small slide of Ian’s, causing a tumult within her, because only a thin piece of skin separated the two cocks, and she could feel them rubbing against her passage, against that sensitive, glowing place that lit her from within.  When she looked at Joshua she saw that he felt it, too, that just as she felt that rub, he was just as transported.
                Then Joshua pushed her up just a miniscule amount, and pressed down into the mattress, causing his penis to rub against her insides, lighting her up, causing her to drop her head onto his chest and moan out her pleasure.  And just like that, as if a starting gun had gone off, her men started a rhythm that had nothing to do with small and miniscule movements, rather there was plunging and pulling, rubbing and gliding, against her insides, pushing her higher, as they pushed themselves higher, taking them someplace they had never gone before.  All three of them were groaning and moaning, soon shouting their pleasure.
                “I can’t stop it, I’m going to come.” Olivia shouted.
                “Come,” they ordered in unison.  She felt jets of semen shooting into her, filling her, making her feel warm and satisfied.  It felt like they continued for hours, and she reveled in this feeling of fullness, knowing that they would be a part of her.
                She was barely awake, when they both gently withdrew from her body.  She felt herself lifted, and then lowered into warm water.
                “No,” she said sadly, but it was too late.  Ian’s face fell.  He had placed her into the tub, and Joshua was standing next to him, he looked just as upset at her sad expression.
                “Olivia Ann, why are you sad?” he asked anxiously.  Ian stroked her hair, trying to comfort her, waiting for her to answer Joshua’s question.
                “Why did you want to wash everything away?  I wanted to keep you inside me.”
                “Oh, baby, it’s okay, we’ll make love again,” Ian promised, kissing her gently as he knelt beside the tub.
                “You’re leaving,” she said, her lip trembling.  That’s when it all fell into place for the men.  They could see that everything had been too much for Olivia, and despite the fact that they truly felt she needed the soothing effects of the warm bath, Ian picked her up, and stood her up.  They both patted her dry, as she stood with a forlorn look.  This time Joshua picked her up and took her back to their bed, and she was held between Joshua and Ian, occasionally dozing off, but mostly just luxuriating in the feel of the two of them, and praying it would not be the last time she felt their warm bodies pressed against hers.

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