Monday, June 16, 2014

Spotlighting One of Sirens Biggest Fans - Kenna Nauenburg

I am so pleased to be introducing Kenna on my blog today.  She and I have been talking on facebook for the last couple of months, and she knows her books!  As one fan to another, we have been having a lot of fun chatting.  We both have an affinity for Vegas, she is better at the gambling than I am.  She can sit at the slots and play on the same $20 for hours.  My husband wishes I could.  Here is a picture of Kenna with her husband George in Las Vegas.

It turns out we are big cat people as well.  When I say big cat people, I'm talking BIG cats.  She is very interested in getting the word out about some of the endangered species of tigers.  Here are the beautiful Sumatran Tigers, they are down to under 400 in the entire world.  This is a picture of her beautiful cat Greebo.

I posted on the Siren Authors and Readers Club for questions to ask Kenna, as well as coming up with some of my own.  (I wasn't completely lazy.)  Here are the questions and answers:

What draws you to initially purchase a book?
I tend to rely heavily on word of mouth.  I've got so many friends who read what I love, and they've always got suggestions.  Also, I'm a big blurb reader.  If I like what I see, I'll click one right away, or add it to my wish list.  

What would make you recommend a book to a friend?
If it's got a great story, strong characters, smooth transitions and sex...I'll tell everyone who will listen!

What's a favorite book or series you're hooked on?
Oh, there are so many of those!  If I hear that Nicole Edwards has a new "Club Destiny" or "Alluring Indulgence" book, I'm jumping on it!  Also I love Tara Rose's Racy Nights" series, and Tymber Dalton's "Suncoast Society".  Is there room for RK Lilley's "Up in the Air" and Sylvia Day's "Crossfire"?  GAH!  Too.  Many.  Great.  Series!!!

Okay Kenna, you must choose.  You're hungry, but you've been unable to tear yourself away from the latest release that's captured you with its story.  You're dep into a "must read" chapter.  Then your favorite dish is placed in front of you.  You have a choice, either eat or read.  You are not allowed to do both.  What is your choice?
OH!  I'm reading!  That's what microwaves are for!

What book do re-read the most?
I've read all the good parts of "50 Shades" at least five times each.  As far as non erotica?  I read Stephen King's "The Stand" once a year or so.
                          (I've read "The Stand" about six times too!  - Caitlyn)

How tough do you like the hero to be?  Do you prefer the tough guy who's hard to break down, or the guy who's sweet and protective?
Can I have a mysterious, sweet protective guy who has a tough job?  Cop, fireman, cowboy?  Let's just say I'd like to have a cop/cowboy/fireman who is a sweet, protective, billionaire philantrhopist.  If he HAS to have a deep, dark secret, let's just get it out in the open in a very short time so that we can get past all the angst and get to the loving!

Do you ever wish for a writer to write a certain kind of book?  If so, what is it?  Describe it to us.
This is a tough one, because I have so many favorite authors, but I'd love to see what Nicole Edwards could do with a sexy sci-fi novel.

When did you start reading romances?
I only read one traditional "romance" novel before I started to read erotica, and the only reason was the heroine's name was Kenna.  I don't remember anything about it other than she was from Georgia.

When did you start reading erotica?
I'm going to say about a year and a half ago when I jumped on the FSoG bandwagon.  Since then, I've been led down a long path of debauchery!

Do you tell people that you read erotica?
Yep!  I'm loud and proud about my choice of reading.  I've got nothing to be ashamed of.

What does your significant other think about your reading choices.
He EFFING LOVES IT!  He is happy that I've found something that makes me extremely happy, and frankly he's thrilled with some of the um...techniques...I've picked up during my fictional adventures.  In fact, I'll read aloud some of the sexier passages to him, and that's lead to some very fun times!


  1. Greebo looks like he was interrupted and is not impressed...did he make that mess on the floor (and blame it on someone else)? Great to hear from a reader who really enjoys her erotic romance -- as does George ;)

    1. Hehe, Miss Reece, Greebo helped to make that mess on the floor. The kids have TONS and TONS of toys! Greebo likes to gather them up in one big pile and sit on them, like he's King of the Hill. Oh, and he really enjoys "helping" me fold the towels. It has absolutely nothing to do with them being nice and warm and fluffy.

      I'm actually thrilled to be a reader of such awesome books, to have gotten to interact with all of my favorite authors :-)

  2. Hi Kenna. I think its really great that your hubby likes that you read erotic romance and that you tell people how much you enjoy it. I'm with you on the wonders of modern life and microwaving. lol

    1. Why thank you, Miss Mardi :-)
      George couldn't be happier about my reading...and all the fun friends...that I've made through it. He says I've become fun again. Yep. I'm tons of fun! :-D

    2. Why, thank you, Miss Mardi! Yes, George is absolutely thrilled that I've read such wonderful stories (and gotten a lot of tips), and he's also glad that I've met and made a lot of really awesome friends through the reading. He says I'm fun again. That's me. Tons of fun :-)

      Look a nice prime rib will still be a nice prime rib if I don't get to it right away. Right?

  3. Girl, you'd like a "cop/cowboy/fireman who is a sweet, protective, billionaire philanthropist"? Not asking for much. LOL Hmmm, I'll have to see what I can do in a future story. ;) Love your answers, Kenna. It's always cool to hear about our readers, and what they love in a story. :D

    1. I love you, Miss Fiona!
      Now, if you can get on that story for me, I'd be mighty appreciative ;-)

  4. Great interview. I like your answer for how tough the hero should be. I love how you try to spread the word about the big cats they're gorgeous. Nice pictures. I get told a lot that what I read is woman's porn. Do you hear that too and what is your response to them?

    1. Hi there, Miss Salena Mae! I get the whole "Mommy Porn" thing every now and then. People will smile and snicker, and my Mother-In-Law? Forget about it. She's such a stick in the mud! Truthfully, I don't give a flying fig over what they think. This is something that brings me joy. It makes me smile. Hehe...It makes me tingly :-D If people call it porn, so be it. I have always admitted to a love of porn. Yes...little innocent ol' me...loving porn :-)

      As for the cats? I think that everyone should be aware of their plight. Soon, you'll only be seeing them in zoos, rather than in the wild. And then what? The poachers will start breaking into the zoos. It breaks my heart to see such magnificent creatures in such peril. I'm praying that, in my lifetime, I'll get to see them saved. And not just the cats! Elephants are being killed for their ivory. Lions are being killed as trophies (and so many others as well). The bush meat trade is thriving. Habitats are shrinking every single day. My philosophy has always been "Conservation + Education = Preservation", and our children must be made to understand this message.

    2. I don't get it to often since almost everyone I know reads the same kind of books as me. I also never discuss the books I read with the rest of the members of the PTO they are the worst stick in the mud possible. I can see them trying to get me kicked off the board...

      My 6yr old loves elephants she told me that I need to adopt one for her. We have good programs in are schools that discuss the different animals that are endangered. We also go to the big zoo every yr and they have classes there for the kids and family to discuss the different ways we can try to help and all the dangers those animals are in. Love your philosophy.

  5. *Waves* Nice to meet you Kenna. That is a great interview! I love seeing what other readers like about romance...especially Siren Authors because I feel, Siren Authors hit just the right spot when it comes to erotic romance. :)

    1. **Waves right back**
      Hi, Miss Marie!!
      Yes. Siren authors are the best! The books rock (of course), but the best thing about them? They truly care about their fans, and they interact with us on a daily basis. I still have screaming fangirl moments every time I see something like "Fiona Archer has liked your picture", or "Tara Rose has commented on your status".
      I used to think that authors were unapproachable. That they were too busy to be on Facebook, and that they would think that the people who read their books don't really matter. These women (and the occasional man, I think), are wonderful.

  6. Hi Kenna,

    Loved this interview. It is so much fun to see your posts on Facebook and Greebo's comments rock. If I was ever to get another cat, I would want to clone him. However, my big black lab would not take kindly to a kitty in the house. I am also very vocal about my reading interests. At a recent work reunion, one of the girls made a comment about my "Racy" reading tastes. What can I say except she should try them. Great interview.

  7. Hi Kenna!
    I loved the frank interview. A breath of fresh air.

  8. Great Interview! I have the pleasure of "knowing" Kenna via Facebook and she does not hold back when talking about a book she loves! Though her favourite genre is not my favourite, she has introduced me to some books I would never have read before and I love chatting about them with her.