Friday, April 25, 2014

Happy Friday April 25th

Well Ladies, and the three gentlemen who might be out there reading this Blog, it has been a busy two weeks. My first book became downloadable on the SirenBookstrand website.  Much to my surprise, out of about 500 Siren authors, I'm at number 67 on the Bestsellers list.  I was hoping for 69 for obvious reasons.

With the "coming out party" of Trusting Chance I had to learn the fine art of marketing, and it sucked the life out of me.  Okay, I admit, some of it was fun.  I got to do some really really cool interviews with some kick-ass authors.  Plus I did some give-aways on their blogs.  Which I will be doing on this blog as well, when other authors come to visit.  Here is what I used to advertise the $20 give away for this week on Mellanie's blog.

The Caitlyn O'Leary website became up and functional this week.  Another big deal!  I still haven't gotten around to updating it with the third book that got signed with Siren.  Yes, that happened.  So I now have 3 books coming out with Siren in the Fate Harbor series.  How lucky am I?

Additionally, I came out of the closet as blonde this week to the other Siren authors.  I had no choice.  They asked me to become an Admin on the new Siren Authors and Readers Lounge, a group on Facebook.  That group is nuts, you should join in case you haven't already.  Doing that plus my day job, and I was making mistakes...the typical types of mistakes that my husband lovingly calls the "Caitlyn Factor".  So I explained that, "Yes, I am a blonde from Orange County, California."  They didn't kick me out of the group, so that's a plus....I think.

So the last big thing is that I started writing on book four of my series.  That book is called Dominating Isabella.  All my friends keep assuming she is a mousy little thing.  Trust me, Leif and Caleb will have their hands full.

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  1. Well, I like your style, lady. If Olivia wasn't a tough little nut to crack I'd be totally surprised. I had a feeling you were a blonde because you're so much fun. Loved the first book Trusting Chance and can't wait for the next one.