Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Blog, Explained (sorta)


Thanks for stopping by.

Just a quick note to explain about my blog posts; a lot of them are going to be my opportunity to really get to know authors that I’ve been reading and loving for years. Some of my posts are going to be my opportunity to rant and rave (you can skip those, in case you have a tendency to drink coffee while reading you don’t want coffee spurting out your nose). Some of the posts will contain explicit, salacious, steamy, spicy, sizzling, sextreme content. What’s life without a little “frisky”?

Often I will have raffles and giveaways. I want to develop a Twitter and Facebook following so I can tell you about my upcoming releases, and you’ll need to enter that kind of information to win. (Yeah, I did sales and marketing in my past.)

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, and most especially, thanks for taking the time to read and support some of the other authors who are dropping by for the next few months, they are wonderful!

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