Monday, April 28, 2014

Happy Monday April 28th!

What has gone on today?  That is a very good question readers.  I got the first round of edits back for Claiming Kara, which will be out for purchase on the Siren web-site in June.  What makes me very excited about that, is that I will be telling some very interesting stories about some friends of mine.  First, there are Steve and Cheryl, who have adopted two rescue dogs.  They were an inspiration for me to really highlight that more in my story.  

I will also be showing some work on my Facebook page of two very talented ladies.  Michelle and Holly are both exceptional artists, and I have known both of them for over twenty years. When I was writing about the sketches done by Kara, their work was what was in my head.

I'm really lucky to be surrounded by so many fascinating, fun and caring people in my life, who inspire me.

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