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Spotlighting Author Joelle Casteel and Out of the Night: Book One

Hi Folks!  Meet My Friend, Joelle!!!  
I have been wanting to get Joelle on my blog since I met her a couple of months ago.  She is an Indie Author with a fresh perspective.  Joelle Casteel has been writing for as long as she can remember. Explicit, graphic, her writing isn't for minors or the easily offended. Once upon a time, she preferred to write on a PC, sitting on a stool- there were those who told her she looked like Tori Amos playing the piano. She's still trying to get the hang of writing in an arm chair instead, normally with a heavy dog's head resting on her feet, whether she wants that or not. With BDSM gaining a broader audience with various books- which she will not name because she can't stand them- she feels it's past time to put out her impression of what BDSM can look like in reality.
                                         - Caitlyn

I asked Joelle some questions.  
If you had to choose to give up one, which would it be, chocolate or sex?
Chocolate. I only really want chocolate in response to my monthly cramps and well, I'd rather have no more cramps than chocolate :D. I can't think of anything that would be a big enough enticement to give up sex.

Why did you choose to write erotica?
 I started writing erotica because so many pieces of my sexuality, my identity weren't shown at all in erotica and still pieces of "me" are just not there. Like one of my chief gripes is that hardcore BDSM interactions (physical, mental, virtual) are almost never shown in the context of a loving committed relationship (whether monogamous or polyamorous). It's like romance authors, society in general want that to be an either/or choice- hardcore BDSM or love. I refuse to accept that it's an either/or thing. Polyamorous relationships are still too few and far between in erotica or erotic romance with the sex being the focus- you get a focus on sexual activity or the romance/relationships, rarely a balance of both. I think my friends Sorcha Black, Leia Shaw, and Cari Silverwood in their "Badass Brats" series are among the very few authors who show a really good balance between those things in a fictional polyamorous situation.

Do you fall in love with the characters you write?
 Not only fall in love with, but I regularly have virtual BDSM and sexual activity with many of my characters. Especially from my "Vala's Story" serial. Iona comes to bed with me many a night; she's very good at back rubs and cuddling as well as encouraging me to imagine having sex with my Master. I love Tommy dearly; he is such a good, sweet submissive. Sometimes when I'm getting frustrated too easily, he'll remind me of better ways to say what I need to say to my Master hopefully without sounding like a shrewish wife.

Where do you get the ideas to develop your characters?
 A mish-mash of places. Although "from my life" and "from my fantasies" are too big places my characters come from. For instance, Iona- mentioned in my last answer- is my fantasy domme. If she was an actual person, don't you know I'd beg my Master to collar her and keep us both, letting both of them having authority over me. However, unlike other authors I know, I don't try to find pictures of people to inspire me in describing characters; I will sometimes after the fact settle on a person who has many characteristics of a character. An example of this is Brian Molko of Placebo- at many points during the band's existence, he has "looked" more or less like I picture Tommy to look. It's handy that Brian is so androgynous as well as being small for a male; while I don't picture Tommy to be a small man in height, over all, I see him and Brian similarly.

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Out of the Night: Book one blurb

Restless and world-weary, Mearr isn't about to admit she needs anyone's help, even this gorgeous man who has taken her into his home. Well one of his homes and part of this huge family she's heard about but not met all of. She's young, looks young, and knows it but at least she's legal now so she can pick a new name to go with her new life...

The Queen knows he wants Mearr bad, ever since the first time he saw her in the window of the coffeehouse. He has his plan, but even a Dominant's plans don't always survive the unpredictability of the future. He struggles to figure out this temperamental woman he's brought home, how best to help her. Then he takes her to his mansion...

They wait patiently for The Queen to bring Mearr home. Well to the home they've been redecorating for Him and for the hopes that she'll become part of their family and be trained to please Him. Simon and Tommy have seen her, of course, being The Queen's right and left hands; they say she'll be a perfect addition...

Please come along with Joelle on this journey, shared with the readers in serial fashion. A multitude of "Happily-ever-afters" are waiting with the completion of book 9.

Author's Note: This novel is meant for open-minded adults. Activities described include a wide range of BDSM and sexual activities, some of which are male/male, male/female, consensual slavery, oral/anal/vaginal intercourse, bondage. The story also covers some sensitive topics in characters' backstories, such as drug abuse.

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Story Excerpt

Heroin Joe walked to the front window and placed Mearr in her usual corner. He made sure she was sitting up and walked away. He shook his head and ran back to Beth. Time to get high.

Suddenly a man appeared in front of the coffeehouse, standing outside the window in front of Mearr. He watched her for a moment, licking his lips. He stood well over six feet, closer to seven. His long black hair hung loose to the middle of his back and framed his face, accenting his haunting ice blue eyes. He had the strong, defined facial features of a male model and a large-framed runner's body. He wore a flowing, long white robe underneath a black, leather, floor-length trench coat, his feet adorned by black combat boots. He sauntered into Night, walked to Mearr, and picked her up. No one tried to stop him or asked what he was doing. He strode out of Night with Mearr in his arms and turned left. He hurried down the street, ignoring strange looks from passers-by.

"You need to stay awake, Mearr. You got a nasty bump on your head. I do not wish to be rushing you to the ER tonight." The Queen's powerful voice cut through the drug haze swirling in her sore head.
"Okay," she murmured. "Just please make me warm. I'm so cold." She snuggled closer to The Queen and breathed deeply. She sighed when she caught the clean, male scent of him.


It might seem strange that I wasn't worried when The Queen took me from Night without asking if I wanted to go, or that no one tried to stop him, but that's the way he's treated. Everyone who is anyone, whether in the local fetish scene or not, knows who he is; they know the treatment he expects and deserves.

The Queen always gets what he wants and he wanted me. Wanted me to be his. Wanted to bring the changes he envisioned in me to fruition. I'm glad he could envision those things in me; I was too sick to guess at them.

I'm not sure if I'd actually OD'd that time, or if the Valium had just been enough to help my system process the little too much drugs I took. Daniel'd treated me for OD's before though, sometimes with Valium, sometimes with Narcan, depending on what I'd taken. As I loved to joke, my drug of choice was "more." I think I've gotten the better bargain by substituting BDSM and polyamory for drugs.


Mearr asked, "Where are we going?" as The Queen turned a corner and headed towards what looked like a small apartment building.

"To my loft," The Queen replied as he continued down the street. In a few minutes, The Queen arrived at his loft to find the doorman at his post.

"I see you were successful, sir." The doorman bowed and then held the door open until The Queen was inside.

The Queen smiled down at Mearr, kissing her cheek, and laughed. "Yes. I always get what I want."

Adult excerpt

"Would you fuck me right now?" Mearr demanded.

"My Queen, would you like both melons cut up?" Tommy held up the honeydew and cantaloupes.

"Um, yes both, Tommy."

"My Queen, the berries are on the table if you would like to snack while waiting," Simon broke in, gesturing towards the table at the small bowl full of strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries topped with a hefty layer of whipped cream.

The Queen smiled and nodded in Simon and Tommy's direction.

"Mearr, let us go sit at the table. The berries look delicious, don't they?" The Queen rose from the bed and offered Mearr his hand.

She stubbed out the cigarette in the ashtray and put it back on the nightstand. "Go ahead and throw away my cigarettes." With a little help, Mearr got up and walked to the table with him.

The Queen pulled out a chair for Mearr, walked to another chair, and sat down.

"Okay Simon, I understand you'd try to help your master," Mearr started and looked at The Queen before continuing, "but I still want an answer. Would you fuck me right now?" She stood, stripped the shirt off, and threw it at The Queen. She stuck her hands on her hips and stared defiantly at him.

Simon announced, "My Queen, breakfast is ready."

Tommy brought two plates, heaped with food, to the table and placed one in front of The Queen and then Mearr. He knelt next to The Queen. "Simon and I can leave now and return when you wish us to clean up. Is this acceptable, my Queen?"

While The Queen's attention was diverted, Mearr rushed to her jacket and grabbed a condom. She dove under the table and crawled to him. Her hands moved up his legs and stopped on his belly just above his cock. Suddenly she took his cock into her mouth, making loud slurping noises for Tommy and Simon's benefit.

"Ah... yes... good," The Queen choked out, gesturing wildly at the door as his cheeks colored.

"Would you like us to leave now, my Queen?" Tommy asked with a barely suppressed grin.

"Um... yes. Very good!"

Tommy and Simon each kissed The Queen and said, "My Queen," before exiting the room. Their chuckles were audible through the door.

Once the alarm system notified him that the front door had closed, The Queen demanded, "What are you doing?"

Mearr popped up for a moment and, laughing, she said, "I thought it was obvious." Without further pause, she went back to what she had been doing.

Whatever am I going to do with her, The Queen thought, looking down at Mearr as a groan escaped his tightly pressed lips.

"Mearr, this feels very good, but... I... um... breakfast?"

She let his cock slip out of her mouth. "Yes, you taste very good."

"That is not what I meant and you know it!"

Muffled giggling floated up from underneath the table.

Mearr slid her mouth down until his cock pressed at the back of her throat.

"Mearr..." The words died in his throat.

Mearr slowly let him slide out of her mouth and looked up before whispering, "Do you really want me to stop? I can make you feel so much better if you let me finish what I started. Especially since I already have the condom on?"

Mearr's hand wandered up and down his quivering cock as she waited for a verbal response.

"Your mind may want me to stop but your body desperately wants me to continue," Mearr purred before deep-throating him again.

When The Queen didn't try to say anything, Mearr took this to mean he wasn't going to stop her. She wrapped her arms around his waist.

"Mearr..." A long moan finished the sentence for him.

Mearr released her hold on him slightly. One hand traveled down her leg to her crotch. Her fingers glided across her pulsing clit, plunged into her body. She was so wet, so ready for him.

"Mearr..." He groaned deeply and his hand found the back of her neck, pressing her closer to him. His body moved, his pelvis rising and falling, his back arching against the chair. Low, growling sounds poured from his mouth.

She seductively rubbed her body against him as she stood.

"Do you want to fuck me now, or do you really want to wait?" she whispered, her lips inches from his, her crotch pressed against his cock, ready to slide down at any moment.

He grasped her hips in both hands and pulled her down hard onto him.

"I love a man of action," she almost whimpered, pulling up ever so slightly before plunging down onto him again.

"Good," he growled as he slammed her against him again.


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  2. I thought Joelle's answers were honest, and true to herself and her readers. The most important aspect that I took from this Author Spotlight was her following statement: "Polyamorous relationships are still too few and far between in erotica or erotic romance with the sex being the focus- you get a focus on sexual activity or the romance/relationships, rarely a balance of both." As a ManLove erotic romance author, I try to depict not only the sexual aspects of my characters' relationships, but I also add a balance of commitment, love, and romance to their stories. I, too, will not write one without the other. While my partner, John, and I not practice the BDSM lifestyle, we support and respect the decisions of those who do, in addition to the many other types of relationship dynamics that are present in our society. John and I believe that everyone has the right, and privacy, to choose what they feel it best for themselves and their partner(s). There is no right, or wrong way, to be involved in any relationship. In saying that, I feel that love and trust are the most important aspects between two or more consenting adults. I believe that all of us should be true to ourselves, as Joelle has shared.

    1. thanks for posting for Amber, Caitlyn, and thanks for the comment, Amber

  3. Amber Terrell Mize Said: Refreshing attitude! Can't wait to read her work!

  4. thanks for the comment, Andrew. It makes me sad how often that lack of balance shows up in fiction. Like with my dominant in my serial, I specifically avoided writing him as an alpha male- I want him to have problems sometimes too, to not always do the right thing