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Author Erika Reed - Spotlighting Lana's Last Chance

I'm so excited that Erika could be here today.  She lives not far from me, so I've been badgering her to go out for drinks, but so far this is the best we could manage.  Her book, Lana's Last Chance, came out for pre-sale today, and she dropped by so I could badger her with questions instead.  
So Erika, Here's the first question that EVERYONE has to answer:
If you had to choose to give up one, which would it be, chocolate or sex?
I would give up chocolate waaaay before sex. ;) 

Why did you choose to write erotica?
My sister in law got me hooked on erotic romance novels. I enjoyed reading them so much that one day I sat at the computer and said, “I think I want to start writing erotica books.” And the rest was history.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Well you know I live in Southern California.  I'm married to a sexy man and have  two beautiful daughters. When I'm not writing I enjoy reading and spending time with my family and friends. I'm very thankful when my husband lets me lock myself away in the office to write as he holds down the home front with the girls so I can work in peace and quiet. I enjoy writing and will continue to surprise my readers with more exotic stories in the future.

Describe your idea of the perfect first date.
My idea of the perfect first date would have to be where the guy picks his date up at her house. He remembers to open all the doors for her. He takes her to a nice dinner and doesn’t expect her to pay. After they have the chance to get to know one another better, they return to his or her house and enjoy a drink  as they sit by the fire talking all night until their date has to come to an end. At the door, the guy gives the woman a kiss good-bye and promises to call her later that day so they can plan their next date.
Do you fall in love with the characters you write?
I always fall in love with the characters as I write. I have to feel the chemistry between them or else my words won’t flow as easily as I write.

Where do you get the ideas to develop your characters?
I am a people watcher. I am constantly thinking of new plots and different synopsis when I encounter new people in my life. In my job, I encounter different types of people and listen to conversations when I probably shouldn’t. Lol. ;) I am always looking for my next story. When I hear a name that I would like to use for my next characters, I write them down wherever I may be.

What series do you read and can’t wait for the next installment?
Wow! Hmmm…I enjoy reading so many different authors that when they have a new book in their series come out, I always make sure to add it to my Kindle. I don’t like to name certain authors I read because I have so many favorites and I may forget some.

Do you have a favorite activity to recharge your batteries before you start a new project?
When I finish a book and send it to my editor for acceptance, I usually like to sit for the next few days and catch up on my reading.

Do you ever get angry at the characters you write?
No, if I do…then they are meant to be killed off somewhere in my story. ;) Lol

Lana Duffey has finally graduated from college and is ready to take charge of her life, starting with the man she’s been in love with since she was a girl. She’s tired of waiting in the wings for Zane to notice her while he dates other women.
Zane Galleger has always carried a torch for his friend’s little sister, Lana, but he’s kept his distance. When Lana makes the first move, Zane knows he can’t resist her any longer, but Zane isn’t the only one smitten. Sawyer Lambert is Zane’s best friend, and after years of hearing Zane talk about Lana, it only takes one look for Sawyer to know he wants her too, even if it means sharing the lovely Lana with his best friend.
Can Lana find the courage to take a chance and claim the two men she wants?

Lana needed the liquid courage if she was going to go through with this. It never occurred to her when she planned on seducing Zane tonight that she would end up craving a threesome that included the handsome Sawyer.

Sawyer was just as sexy as Zane. She never thought she would find anyone as good-looking as Zane. And then Sawyer walked in with Zane, and she was absolutely blown away by his rugged looks. Lana was tired of dating boring men that were just okay in the looks department. She felt as though the men she dated were taking pity on a plain Jane such as herself and were just willing to take her on a date. She wanted a man to look at her as if she was the most beautiful woman in the world. If a man really liked or loved a woman he was into, then he shouldn’t have the wandering eyes for anyone else. She needed a man that was going to make her weak in the knees when he kissed her and make her scream in bed when he made love to her. Lana had always wanted her inner goddess to come out but no one had ever made her feel like that, except Zane. She needed someone to finally make her come the way her body craved. She hoped tonight, if things went as she planned, Zane and his sexy friend, Sawyer, were going to bring out the sexy woman that had been held captive for so long.

Lana had been a virgin for twenty-four long years and was done waiting for Zane to finally realize how much she wanted him. The time couldn’t be more perfect. She had overheard Zane and Tye talking at the bar when they thought she wasn’t listening. Zane had told Tye about that two-timing bitch, Katrina, being caught cheating on him. Zane had told Tye he was tired of meeting the wrong women and wanted to finally settle down. She knew this was her chance to finally prove to Zane that she was the woman he needed all along. Lana just needed the nerve to finally express how she really felt about her older brother’s best friend. Maybe even throw in the roommate, Sawyer, for a night she would never forget.

“So, Sawyer, do you have a girlfriend?”

Sawyer sat back in his chair and didn’t answer right away. Tye then walked up and sat their beer glasses on the table in front of them.

“I wish I could chill with you, but we are picking up now and Dad is tired and asked that I keep an eye on the bar so he could go upstairs and lay down.” Tye looked at the bottle on the table in front of Lana. “Be careful, sis. Don’t get too drunk. You’re not used to drinking and you may find Zane carrying your ass out of here tonight.”

That’s my plan, big brother.

Tye then leaned over and kissed her on the forehead. “I am very proud of you, sis. Now, I have to get back to the bar.” He then slapped Zane on the back. “Take care of her and don’t let her drink too much. She’s a lightweight, you know?”

Zane chuckled. “Hell. I have never seen her drink more than one glass of wine at dinner before. Don’t worry. I will make sure to keep a close eye on her for sure, Tye.”

Lana picked up the bottle and poured herself another drink. She lifted the bottle toward them. “Ready for another?”

Sawyer raised his glass of beer. “Nope, I’m good,” he said before taking a drink.

Lana shrugged. “Suit yourself.”

After sitting with Sawyer and Zane in the booth for what felt like one too many shots later and a spinning room, Lana felt like she had finally had enough. She had tried numerous times to shamelessly flirt and giggle at their joking manner during the time in the booth. She began to feel like those women that came into the bar looking to hook up with someone for the night. Lana wasn’t like that. She wanted much, much more from Zane and possibly Sawyer, now that she was getting to know him better.

She had learned a lot about Sawyer Lambert, even though she doubted she would remember much the next morning. Sawyer ran his family-owned lumber business outside of town. His grandfather started the business with Sawyer’s dad twenty-some-odd years ago. After his father’s death five years ago, Sawyer had been running the successful Lambert’s Lumberyard now ever since.

Zane kept making her drink lots of water between shots, claiming that it would help tremendously with a possible hangover in the morning. When she thought neither of them was looking, Lana would sneak in a shot, but they were watching her closer than she thought. Two hours, and too, too many shots later, Lana was done. She was so drunk that she could barely look at them straight.

Damn it! This wasn’t going like she wanted. Now she was too drunk. She could barely stand when she excused herself to use the restroom. As she slid from the booth, Zane was there to catch her before she landed on her ass.

“Whoa there, sweetie. I think you’ve had enough. I think I have had enough of watching you drink like there’s no tomorrow. I am cutting you off,” he said as he wrapped an arm around her midsection. “I am going to give you a lift home.”

Lana looked into his eyes. “That’s what I have been trying to accomplish all night with the two of you,” she slurred. “I just want you both to take me home and have your wicked way with me.”

“Not going to happen, Lana banana. You are way too hammered. And Sawyer and I don’t take advantage of pretty, drunk women. Maybe tomorrow you could explain why you felt the need to get this way tonight.” As Zane walked with her toward the door he told Sawyer to go let Tye know that they were taking Lana home.

“Shh, don’t tell Tye that you’re going to both take me home and fuck me like I have been dreaming about all night,” she said against his chest.

God, he smelled good.

This was it. She was finally going home with them, just like one of those lucky women that had the pleasure of sleeping with them. She was finally going to give up her virginity to the man that she had loved for so long. And the bonus was that she was going to get a twofer tonight.

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