Saturday, May 3, 2014

Saturday Rants - AKA What the Hell Saturdays

Okay, I've checked the stats on the Blogger, hardly anyone looks at posts that happen on Saturdays, so this can be like my little on-line diary. So if you are one of the 12 that peek, it's on you. Kind of like it was on my brother (1 of the 3) who peeked at my diary when I was a kid growing up in my big Irish Catholic household. Here's the big secret for the week. Kind of feel like a loser, didn't get much writing done.

 Do you know what? I think I need to go into a twelve-step program for this damn social media. I've enjoyed it. A little too much. Oh....Oh....Oh....I've met some really fun people. There's the insomniac who keeps me laughing at all hours, as we plan how to rule the world. There's the Dom who is ever so politely suggesting that I might want to be careful of my posts lest my husband notices, there are the other authors who I have been talking shop with...and the list goes on...and on...and on.

Oh yeah, did I mention I have a REAL job? Then there is the fact that I had to finally learn how to operate this damn blog thingy. (Yes, thingy is a valid word, I will use it often! Again, you are only peeking on my Sunday rants, so you're invited to leave.) I'm so helpless with technology. Somehow I finally figured it out, only because I now consider this part of my "work" so I took it seriously enough to educate myself and learned. So those authors that I invited onto the blog, well...they owe me, because I had to learn this frustrating THINGY!!!! (yes I'm still bitching and using the word thingy!)

Did I mention that I hardly wrote at all? I really think I like writing. It's kind of weird, I really thought my favorite thing was managing/mentoring/teaching people. But now I find that having these characters coming out of my fingers is kind of fun. They are real live people. (At least in my head.) But the last three weeks of marketing Chance/Sam/Josie for the first damn book has made me mad as hell at them. What the hell?! Marketing?! I gave that up. Didn't like the sales job. That's an annoying thingy. I like writing/managing/mentoring/teaching. Now I'm mad at my writing cause it made me do the marketing/sales thingy! Please remember, I started out saying I was going to rant, you are free to leave.

Here's something even MORE annoying. FOR REAL. I think I'm crazy. Because now it feels like I'm being tapped on the shoulder. I have this one character in my current book who is getting mad at ME. I'm saying that he has raised his eyebrow at me, and I just feel a stern lecture coming on. Oh for God's sake. I didn't get into this to become a REAL writer, this was a lark. This was just something to while away some time. I've met real writers, they're the ones who have characters talking to them. This is a fun hobby, but NOOOO I have a cranky dominant who is giving me crap, telling me to quit my whining and get back to work.

Well, thank God this is a Sunday, and nobody will ever read this. I'm going to figure out a place to file this so it'll be private on the little blog site thingy. Good, I'm feeling better. Leif, shut the hell up! I'm getting back to work now.

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  1. OMG your hilarious! This is something really neat and think other bloggers should consider (I know I am now) I love your thinking, and your wit. I like the fact characters talk to you. It makes things more interesting. :D