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Author Spotlight Eileen Green - Lessons of Trust

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     Hi Everyone,
I     It's me Caitlyn, and once again I'm lucky to have someone really cool stopping by my blog. This is Eileen Green.  She just published her book, Lessons of Trust.  So, since the blog is called Sex or Chocolate she was asked the obligatory question:  

      If you had to choose to give up one, which would it be, chocolate or sex?
That’s an easy one, for now.  Sex.  Boyfriend lives about an hour away from me, so since we can only see each other every couple of weeks, I can give up sex.  Chocolate?  What are you thinking, Caitlyn?  No one can give that up…

 Can you tell me a little about yourself?
I     I live in the beautiful state of Washington.  I reloated here from California.  I left my freinds and family and began a new chapter of my life, pun intended, with the submission of my novel Lyndee's Saviors, and having it published.  I was hooked after reading my first romance, and new that I had to write.  Being able to create interesting characters and provide them with love, lust and mind-blowing sex, as well as those unexpected twists is like welcoming new family members into the fold.
      Writing is my main hobby, but I enjoy the outdoors when you can pull me away from the computer.  I love finding the beauty of things, whether it is in nature or even the human body.  I'm a people watcher, and one of the best places to do that is Disneyland.  Even when I'm there, I can't turn off that creative switch in my head.  Many a character has been created in my mind while people watching.

     Caitlyn, I have to admit to a quirky side, no matter the time of season, I love watching Christmas movies and signing Christmas carols.  If my family hadn't threatened to commit me, I would have kept Christmas decorations up all year long.  I still cheat by keeping those Coca-Cola decorations around the kitchen, and the Santas just "happen" to be on them. 

     Why did you choose to write erotica?
That’s funny…I actually began to write erotica as a filler between my mainstream historical romances.  After the first couple sold so well, I began to look at my mainstreams as the filler and the erotica as the cake.  I always had a penchant for erotica, as my friends think I have a dirty mind, so it was only fitting that I write it.  It’s something that comes naturally to me.

     Describe your idea of the perfect first date.
I would like for the man to pick me up and drive me to a wooded area (get your minds out of the gutter) where in a clearing sat a table where lit candles sat amongst the china and crystal.  Twinkling fairy lights are hung through the branches and soft music, preferably Celtic, plays from somewhere within the trees.  We sit at the table and a waiter appears to serve our meal.  When the meal is over, we talk, we dance.  After dessert is served, something chocolaty, we talk and dance some more before he takes me home.  A nice sweet kiss ends our evening.    

     If you’re in a relationship, describe your first date with that person.
I met him at a steak house that I had been told about by a friend.  We had a very lovely dinner amongst the friendliest staff either one of us had ever encountered before.  After that, we went somewhere and talked. 

     Do you fall in love with the characters you write?
In my Men of Montana series, I haven’t fallen in love with any of the characters.  Some of them have gotten my motor going, but not fallen for them.  In my latest book, Lessons of Trust, I was already in love with the two main characters before I wrote the book.  They were characters I actually dreamt about and want for my own. 

     Where do you get the ideas to develop your characters?
My women characters are women that I can relate to.  They are all strong and have had terrible things done to them in the past.  They have friends and of course, fantastically gorgeous men, who have helped them overcome the lot that life has dealt them.  I can relate to two of the women I have written about because they were abused in their pasts, not just physically, but mentally as well.  My men characters just seem to come to me as they want a story and a woman.  I don’t write from an outline.  I write from beginning to end and my characters tell me where they are going in their relationships.  The latest book I just finished writing, the first of a shape shifter series, I had a guy all lined up to be a villain, but all of a sudden he shifted gears and told me he wanted to be a good guy.  The story changed and that threw me into a tizzy for a few days because I had to really think what I was going to do.  My stories make me cry when the characters go through something sad and I laugh along with them.  Once they have been created, my characters become real to me. 

      What series do you read and can’t wait for the next installment?
The one I am most looking forward to, is the Divine Creek series by Heather Rainier.  Also, Bliss, Colorado by Sophie Oak and the Lusty, Texas series by Cara Covington.

     Do you have a favorite activity to recharge your batteries before you start a new project?
I don’t have an activity because usually once I end one project, I launch into the next one.  There is really no time to do anything else.
     Do you ever get angry at the characters you write?
There are some characters I get ticked off at, but they are usually secondary characters.  There is one in my Men of Montana series who can be a bit bitchy.  She has been a trouble maker and I got ticked off.  Now, she is straightening out her life.  She has been screaming at me to give her her own story.  She’ll get it, but not just yet. 

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Lessons of Trust!
Dreams Do Come True!
Shy Riley Whitten achieves her goal of writing a Hollywood movie. When she arrives for the filming, she finds her heartthrob Matt Davis has been chosen as the lead. Matt and his lover Travis Hale begin to shower Riley with their love and attention. Not understanding why they are pursuing her, she fights them every step of the way.
Matt and Travis have been looking for a woman to round out the family they want to be. Falling in love at first sight with Riley, they overwhelm her, not only with their love, but also with something she hadn’t expected. With the roles Matt plays on television and in the movies, Riley had always thought Matt would be the dominant one. She makes the discovery that Travis is the Dom and Matt his submissive. Bringing her into their little family, they try to mold her submissive side.
Will they succeed at proving their love for her? Or will she disappoint them?

A Siren Erotic Romance, Menage, M/M/F with M/M elements, Consensual BDSM.

Travis’s grip tightened on her chin as Matt’s disappeared. She could hear Matt open the closet and begin the shuffle through the clothes hanging up. Staring into Travis’s eyes, she found there were two shades of green there. The emerald shade and then flecks of a darker green which intensified their coloring, then there were the thick black lashes that highlighted them even more, making her feel as if staring at two jewels.
“I’m waiting.” Irritation rang in his baritone voice as he matched her gaze.
Swallowing hard she finally lowered her eyes to watch her hands wringing together in her lap. “I don’t want you guys going out of your way for me,” she practically whispered. “Plus, I don’t want people to think less of you when they see you with me.”
Travis released her chin and knelt down before her, his hands covering hers. The gentleness in his voice touched her heart, but she had to be strong. “What makes you think we are going out of our way for you? We have told you repeatedly now that we want to be with you. We don’t want you to be holed up in the trailer the entire time you are here. As for what people think, they’ll think you are a beautiful woman with two sexy men. They’ll be envious of you.”
Tears sprang to her eyes, which she tried to blink away to no avail, at his kind words, but she knew they weren’t true. Shaking her head, she felt the tears threatening to break through the dam her eyelids created.
“Look at me, Riley.” Travis’s voice was stern though soft and she couldn’t help but lift her eyes to look at him. “I don’t know who tore down your self-esteem, but you are going to listen to us, once and for all.”
Matt had stopped rummaging and had come back to kneel next to Travis, and she noticed this only when she focused on more than just the beautiful color of Travis’s eyes. Matt’s shone with honesty and genuine caring as he watched her. These men are going to be the death of me yet.
Travis continued. “You are a beautiful woman. You have a perfectly curved body. Women do a lot to get a body like yours. You seem to be a caring person, but we don’t care what people think of us. Do you know how many people out on the street judge us for being together? People say vile things to our faces, not just behind our backs. So, first off, you will not speak unkindly about yourself anymore, and we don’t care if people talk about us as a threesome. They can go fuck themselves if they want to be judgmental. But I will tell you this. If you speak unkindly of yourself again, you will be punished for it. Do you understand me?”
The look in his eyes was so sincere and so loving that it made her want to believe him, but past experiences seemed to slam into her psyche, and she was still hesitant. Perhaps she should accept what they were telling her, enjoy herself and this experience, and when it was over, at least she could look back on this time with fond memories and perhaps some inspiration for her books.
Nodding her head, she whispered in resignation, “Okay.”
“What was that, honey?” Travis asked. “You need to speak up. When we ask you a question, you will answer to where we can hear you. In a relationship, communication is the most important thing. Is that understood?”
The edge in his voice had her nipples growing hard and her cunt weeping. She would never understand why the sound of both of their voices sent her body into such sexual distress.
Two sets of beautifully colored eyes watched her in anticipation, their breathing a bit ragged. Moving her gaze between the two of them, she knew she couldn’t turn them down, and it wasn’t due to being star struck. She wanted to be with both of them. Her body was practically demanding it. She knew her answer.
Breathing in deeply, she cleared her throat and then spoke. “Yes. I understand. I won’t speak badly about myself anymore. I’m sorry I doubted you.”
Smiles appeared on both men’s faces. Travis was the first one to lean forward and press his lips to hers. His lips were soft and sensual as they moved tantalizingly against hers. Her eyes slid closed. The kiss was gentle at first, but then soon it became passion-filled, demanding. His tongue swept out against her lips several times and then retreated before it finally began to beg for entrance. Finally opening to him, she gave her mouth to him.

Matt, on his knees, leaned down on one arm while he used the other to hold his cock. Bringing his body over hers, the tip of him found her slit. Swiping it up and down a few times, he gathered her juice as lubrication and began to slide inward.
The width was more than she was used to. When she had seen it as she watched with erotic intrigue while Travis helped put the condom on him, she thought at first she wouldn’t be able to take him inside her, but she decided she was going to accept both of them. She would gladly accept both of them when the time came for both of them to make love to her at the same time.
The muscles within her pussy opened for him, pulling him in. Spasming around his cock as he slowly sank deep within her welcoming depths, her body felt a connection to him, as if this was where she belonged. When he was fully lodged inside her, she felt as if she hadn’t taken all of him, but she could feel him against her cervix.
The whole time he was entering her, he never let his gaze wander from hers. A conquering smile lit his face as he seated himself within her, giving her the feeling of acceptance. Moving his other arm down, he propped himself up on them so she wasn’t taking his full weight. His lips dipped to hers, capturing them gently as he stilled himself briefly, as if he was afraid to move.
Moving her hands up to his arms, she slid them upward, feeling the muscles that were housed within his skin. Testing the hardness of them, she smiled, then her hands continued their journey. Her hands examined his shoulders and then made their way down his back. Finally, they reached his ass.
Riley had admired that part of his anatomy after seeing it bare in a movie he had done. Now, she was able to knead the rounded globes, feeling them to her heart’s content. They were hers now to touch whenever she wanted and to look at without clothes on. Digging her fingers into the flesh, she felt them tighten.
Between feeling the action in his beautiful buttocks and his cock, she felt him moving out of her pussy until the tip of him was just inside her. Then, he pressed back in. Beginning to piston, he moved in and out, picking up speed, gliding smoothly as he made love to her. Holding him closely to her by his derriere, she felt every movement of his hips.
As his penis slid across that sweet spot within her, she felt the sensations building up within her. When he slid all the way in, his pubic bone smashed against her clit, driving her quicker to her impending orgasm. The strokes within her drove her higher, until she felt the lightning rip through her core to all points of her body, her pussy clamping down on Matt’s dick.
A scream ripped through her as her lover howled at his orgasm, and she felt his hot juice spurting from him into the reservoir of the condom. He collapsed onto her as his trembling arms seemed to give way, enclosing her in damp heat.
She held him close for a moment until he rose up on his arms. He kissed her gently. “That was amazing, sweetheart. Absolutely amazing.”
“You were fantastic. Thank you for reminding me that I am alive.” Then, looking at Travis as he waited anxiously for his turn, she said, “You too. Thank you.”
Matt reached down between them to hold onto the condom as he pulled from her depths. When the cool air hit her hot cunt, she hissed, but it was also from the emptiness. Travis was soon climbing between her legs, a condom already in place. She had been so wrapped up in Matt that she hadn’t even noticed he had donned it.
Travis didn’t mess with preliminaries, as his face was tense. Once he was where he wanted to be with his hips, he lined his cock up with her pussy and sank deep within her with one thrust. They both groaned at the action, Riley feeling all of him. He seemed to be wider than Matt, though perhaps a bit shorter. His groin slammed into her pussy lips, striking her clit with such a blow it almost brought her to climax instantly.

As he pulled out, Riley looked into his eyes, seeing wonder and calm mixed together. Did he feel the same as she did? A sense of feeling at home, finally?
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